9 White Metal Siding House Ideas

9 White Metal Siding Ideas for the Home of Your Dreams
White Metal Siding

As people flock to the ‘light and bright’ aesthetic of modern home design, new material choices abound. Many homeowners yearn for classic farmhouse exteriors, but without the problems of classic home materials.

As such, it’s incredible to see that white metal siding for a house has the potential to meet both needs. You could be aiming for:

  • A classic main street charm with standing seam panels
  • A cottage-inspired white metal house siding for bungalow coziness
  • A vintage cape given a new lease on life with white steel siding
  • A white metal siding farmhouse style home
  • Or more

No matter your choice, when you’ve got the right product at your disposal, the design process becomes easy – and fun! And there is no more right siding product than metal white siding on a house.

Let’s take a look at nine unique ideas for using white steel siding to create the home of your dreams:

1. White Lap Siding with Scallops

White Lap Siding with Scallops

White lap is a classic choice that works for almost any architectural style. This idyllic siding choice looks great with a bold color contrast, and the scalloped roofing shingles are just the trick. Whimsical, fun, yet tasteful and classy, this white and green combo packs plenty of texture and character.

With this white metal siding style, it is key to contrast not only color but pattern. Bold, chaotic roof lines should be given a respite by the calm symmetry of the white siding on the house. When in doubt, keep it simple.

2. Board and Batten with Bold Angles

Board and Batten with Bold Angles

Board and batten brings traditional farmhouse charm to this small home. With this white house siding style, with large, modern windows and a bold front door. These elements break up the lines and provide a fantastic amount of natural light. This is a classic white colored aesthetic with modern twists to keep it fresh.

Notice how this home has a lot of sharp angles throughout the architecture. Instead of shying away from this design choice, this aesthetic goes bold. The white steel vertical siding doubles down on the look, to create a bold style statement that looks amazing. Black roofing and a natural wood banister add strong color to help balance out the exterior.

3. Classic, Clean Lines

Classic, Clean Lines

It doesn’t get much more timeless than pure white lap with a brick foundation. This residential look is a classic. It works particularly well for single-story ranch houses with white siding and modular white siding homes.

When the exterior embraces a minimalist look like this one, the little details stand out. Flourishes catch the eye. Accent colors pop. And the home’s exterior is allowed to bask in the glory of a style that never fades. Houses with white siding metal in a classic style are often celebrated for their curb appeal. They can even anchor the block they’re on, so buckle up for compliments.

Keeping the siding clean and unblemished is essential, as any little sign of damage becomes that much more noticeable. Going with a maintenance-free siding option, like white steel siding, is a great idea.

4. White and Black Victorian

White and Black Victorian

White steel siding and black trim make for an absolute classic color combo that never goes out of style. This home embraces the Victorian architecture by including decorative fascia and stunning cathedral windows. Gorgeous!

5. Modern Colors with Antiquated Effects – Contemporary White Steel Siding 

Modern Colors with Antiquated Effects

Not all white steel siding needs to echo notes of a bygone era. Even homeowners looking for contemporary designs and eye-catching boldness can stop hunting. You can find what you’re looking for in white metal siding.

Forest green roofing and white lap – it’s not your average color combo! This ultra-modern palette achieves an electrifying look. Black trim is a great choice here, as it mirrors the bold aesthetic and outlines the architecture effectively. When choosing a daring color combo like this, a fairly simple siding style like lap works wonders.

With white siding, homes become a palate for your creativity. Find an expression that is truly keen to stand out from your neighbors. Or layer in decorative element after decorative element. The crisp backdrop of your white house siding is sure to stand up to uproarious material or color choices. Just remember: contrast is key here.

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6. Picket Fence Dream Home

Picket Fence Dream Home

Is there anything more inviting than white siding homes with a stately picket fence out front? Whether on the coast or nestled into a small town, a white metal house goes great with classic fencing. Decorative accents bring this white siding home’s charm to life!

Notice how the white picket fence reflects the same decorative lines and shapes as the fascia and porch banisters. Light-colored lap is accented with vertical siding along the dormers to create additional visual texture.

Consider matching your paint colors between the white siding on the house and your fence. With the two decorative elements echoing each other, passers by are sure to notice your attention to detail.

7. White Metal Siding for a Modern Farmhouse Style

Metal Siding Farmhouse Style

Sometimes, simplicity is refreshing – especially when designing a home with a classic farmhouse aesthetic. This house has a soothing exterior palette with white siding and reddish-brown trim and roofing. The reddish undertone of the brown trim brings an earthy look to the home, which fits in wonderfully with the surrounding landscape.

As an added bonus, this white house siding style is built for resiliency. Gone are the days of worries about fires, termites, wood rot, or other kinds of damage.

With white siding, a house done in the farmhouse style becomes much simpler to maintain. The home can withstand the grit and grime of the farmhouse setting. A white metal siding farmhouse can also carry an easy rustic charm. All without many of the headaches commonly associated with antique homes.

8. A House with White Siding and Stone 

Stone and Siding

Working with a range of materials can be intimidating. But the key is to strike a balance and stick within proven colorways. Here, a single section is embellished with variegated stone in natural colors – beige, slate, brown and sand.

In an example like this, the shade of white paint takes a back seat to the more eye catching variation of the stone. Many white siding homes are designed to be set as a contrast to the natural world. A clean oasis amidst a canvas of greens and earth tones. However, with this siding style, the earth tones are put on full display.

These neutral tones go together easily with the white vertical siding. Together, white and neutral color combine to create an ultra-modern look with classic elements woven in.

9. White Siding with a Bold, Steep Roof

White Siding with a Bold, Steep Roof

When one particular architectural element overshadows the rest, subtlety is key. The best approach is to let it steal the spotlight and choose other features that will complement it. Here, the steep, segmented roof design and prominent dormers are undeniably eye-catching.

Instead of trying to overpower them with flashy siding, the white lap actually complements the roof. Simple, white lap helps the roof and dormers stand out even more. Meanwhile bold red trim acts as a visual outline that further emphasizes the unique design of the home. Altogether, it looks sophisticated and fresh!

Beautify Your Home with White Metal Siding That’s Easy to Maintain

There are so many things you can do with white siding. From styles of the home to application of the siding panels, can completely change your home’s character. And we haven’t even attempted to factor in additional elements, like white metal roofing. Truly, the possibilities are endless.

When designing a white metal siding house, consider the long game. You’ll need to think about the steps necessary to maintain its original allure. White siding is critical to maintain, as it tends to show signs of wear and tear more easily than darker siding styles. Therefore, it’s best to go with a durable, low-maintenance siding material.

With the right material, your white metal house is everlasting. It should becapable of standing up to the elements and maintaining its beauty year after year.

TruLog siding can provide the peace of mind needed when investing in white siding, with a Class 4 Impact Rating and 30-year warranty. Plus, it’s affordable!

When designing exteriors with white metal siding for a house, this maintenance-free option is a great choice. Contact the team at TruLog to explore different styles of durable white steel siding and start building the home of your dreams.

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