Choosing a Contractor

Tips for finding the right siding contractor

*TruLog is not responsible or liable for the work of contractors. Contractors are selected by the homeowner. TruLog can potentially connect you with contractors but we are not responsible for their quality of work.

1. Research Regional Siding Contractors

  • Ask friends and neighbors who have recently replaced their siding for recommendations.
  • Search the internet and read reviews to find out which companies do a great job and which contractors draw complaints.
  • Make sure the contractor you choose has a local address. You want to make sure they are around if you have issues.

2. Narrow Your Options

  • Make sure each contractor you consider has experience installing siding. The installation process for TruLog™ is very similar to other sidings. Contractors can typically watch our installation video and know how to install our steel log siding.
  • Ask for references from the contractor’s past clients.

3. Get a Siding Quote

  • Ask each contractor for estimated timelines of project completion.
  • Make sure you get at least three different quotes for installation.
  • Compare those quotes to see what services are included. One estimate may be higher because they include tearing off the old siding, disposing of the old materials, and a stipend for replacing damaged or rotten plywood substrate.
  • If the contractor doesn’t cover these steps, you can ask the contractor for the additional cost to include them.

4. Meet with your contractor to discuss details of your siding replacement

  • Decide on a start date for installation of your TruLog™ siding.
  • Set a reasonable end date for the installation and clean-up to be finished.
  • Set a payment schedule. It is a good rule of thumb to set the final payment when work is complete.
  • Notify with TruLog™ of where your steel siding should be dropped off. FedEx will call and schedule the best time and day to deliver the siding materials to your location.

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TruLog Product Catalog

In our free catalog, you will learn about the benefits of TruLog’s™ Steel Siding