Where to Buy TruLog™ Steel Log Siding

Ordering metal log siding is a convenient and comfortable process when you order American-manufactured TruLog™ steel log siding directly from our Loveland, Colorado company. Buying steel log siding is an affordable, cost-effective way to get the log cabin look without the ongoing expense of maintaining other types of log homes. We ship your steel log siding order directly to the construction location or home address you specify. When the siding arrives, it’s ready to be installed by your contractor or installation professional. Or you can watch our installation videos if you are interested in installing TruLog™ yourself.

Contact TruLog™ today to learn more about pricing or to order log siding.

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TruLog Steel Siding on Pallet Ready to Ship

Get a Log Siding Cost Estimate

If you’re considering purchasing log home siding, the cost is probably one of the factors influencing your decision. When you compare other siding types you’ll find that TruLog™ is an affordable decision. Log homes or siding made from wood or concrete can come at a significant upfront cost, and then require thousands of dollars more in routine maintenance. With TruLog™ steel log siding, the cost is significantly lower and there is no maintenance required. TruLog™ steel log siding provides an authentic log-home look at an affordable price. We offer free, no-obligation estimates so you can make an informed decision about your choice of metal siding. For approximate log siding prices, just contact TruLog™ with the length, width, and height of your exterior walls. We also provide more accurate estimates if you give us the following information:

  • Length, width and height of exterior walls in feet
  • Length and height of exterior gables in feet
  • Number of windows
  • Length and width of each window
  • Number of doors
  • Length and width of each door
  • Running measured feet of your soffit

These numbers allow us to make a more accurate estimate. To get these measurements, you may want to contact an experienced contractor or siding installer in your area. They know how to obtain the measurements with the least amount of error. You can even send us blueprints to get a TruLog™ siding estimate.


Once you’ve provided the measurements, we will contact you with an estimate for the cost of materials and shipping. We will answer any questions you may have about the cost, ordering, or purchasing of steel log siding. We’ll also explain all of the features of our authentic log-style siding, including the 6 rustic colors from which you can choose. Contact TruLog™ today to get started on your estimate.


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TruLog™ Siding Colors

TruLog™ Steel Log Siding comes in nine unique colors

HD Wood Grain Color

Weathered Gray

HD Wood Grain Color

Ponderosa Pine

HD Wood Grain Color

Western Cedar

HD Wood Grain Color

Dark Walnut

Standard Color


Standard Color

Autumn Brown

Standard Color

Canyon Red

Standard Color


Standard Color
Board & Batten Only

Modern Farmhouse White

Your order comes with all the corresponding installation accessories, including the J-channel, sill trim, frieze board and starter strip. These accessories are the same color as your steel log siding for a natural, authentic look. Other accessories may be ordered in the same or different color than the siding, namely the corner post, corner caps and window trim. Contrasting colors give a bold look that some homeowners prefer, examples of which you can see in our gallery.

Once you’ve received your estimate and chosen the colors, we are ready to place and finalize your order. You’ll make a 50% down payment on the entire invoice amount, and then pay the other 50% before we ship your log siding order. You can pay with check or credit card.  After we receive your down payment, it will take about 3-4 weeks for your order to arrive at the shipping address you provide. Once the order has shipped, you will receive a tracking number so that you can prepare for the arrival of your steel log siding purchase.

What to expect when your Log Siding Order arrives

We order your log siding materials and then manufacture your order. Our steel log siding is proudly manufactured in the US. You will receive the following with your order:

  • Steel log siding
  • Foam backers
  • Installation accessories
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Your log siding order comes in boxes weighing 90-95 pounds. The shipment contains 100 square feet of steel log siding. Stacked on pallets, your shipment is well-organized and ready to be installed by you or your contractor.

We accept orders via email, or by phone at 970-646-4490. Please call is today or contact us online to place your log siding order. We accept both credit cards and checks for your payment,

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