Premium Steel Siding

Premium Steel Siding

Maintenance Free

Class A Fire Rated

Steel Siding

Are you searching for a durable siding that will last through the harsh weather conditions without maintenance or failing? Are you tired of vinyl siding and fiber cement? Engineered wood doesn’t cut it either?

The solution: metal siding! Steel is becoming more and more popular with homeowners because of its strength, durability, longevity, low to no maintenance, and it comes in many different colors and styles. You don’t want to be on a ladder maintaining your siding, you want to enjoy your house instead of working on it.

TruLog steel siding provides the durability and longevity of steel paired with the look and style of trendy homes from a rustic wood look to a modern farmhouse look

Steel Log

Our steel log siding product offers the look of a rustic log home while providing maximum durability and easy upkeep.

For a log home without the maintenance, steel log siding by TruLog has a genuine wood appearance but requires no care other than an occasional rinse with the garden hose.

Steel Board & Batten Siding

Whether you are building a new house or remodeling an old house, our white, steel board and batten is a classic exterior option.

Our metal siding has the perfect blend of the modern farmhouse look paired with the durability and maintenance freedom of steel. White board and batten has been around for decades and will continue to be a timeless exterior style for years to come.

Steel Double 4.5" Lap Siding

Our double 4.5 steel lap siding offers the rustic lookg of wood while providing maximum durability and easy upkeep.

You won’t have to worry about staining, sealing, or painting this cedar siding. Just wash it down with a garden hose to keep it looking new while enjoying a 30 year warranty

Extreme Durability

30- Year Paint Coat Warranty against cracking, peeling, blistering, fading
and chalking.

Energy Efficient

Includes a Foam Backer Keeping our Home Energy Efficient

Class A Fire Rating

Laboratory tested and qualified to receive a Class A fire rating, the highest rating available.

Class 4 Impact Rating

The Steel Property of the siding will protect your structure from
fire and More!

Authentic Look

Wood Grain Paint System Giving You a Rustic Look

Proudly Made in the USA

The steel is USA sourced and the product is manufactured here as well.

TruLog™ is Available in these Colors

Pairs Well With:

Trulog Steel Siding FAQ Questions

The durability of steel means that steel siding can last 50 years or more–as long as you perform the necessary maintenance. While steel will not become brittle with age, it can become damaged from harsh weather, like hail and falling debris from heavy winds. After big storms, check your steel siding for potential damage to see if any panels require replacing. You also want to keep your siding clean, washing off mud and dirt as necessary. Knowing your steel siding’s warranty is also important–TruLog siding comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and a 30-year paint, fade, and chalking protection.

TruLog’s steel siding pricing varies depending on the color and style you choose. Lap Siding and Board and Batten siding follow similar price points: premium colors cost $4.95 per square foot, while standard color options cost $3.95 per square foot. 

TruLog’s Steel Log Siding comes at a higher price point than the other two styles. For premium TruLog siding, you can expect to pay $6.25 per square foot, or $5.25 per square foot for the Standard TruLog product.

Cost is one notable difference–with vinyl siding being less expensive steel, but that can come at the cost of durability. While vinyl siding can be extremely durable, steel siding offers greater durability against severe weather and is also fire-resistant, offering more protection overall. 

For the most part, the two products are on par when it comes to maintenance requirements, but being very low-maintenance, however heat, sun and wind can cause more damage to vinyl siding. 

Both vinyl and steel siding are recyclable, but not all recycling centers accept vinyl siding, so finding where to take it can be difficult. 

Finally, there is the design potential, where both products have equal footing: both steel and vinyl siding comes in a wide range of styles and colors that can work with various design aesthetics.

Both steel and fiber cement siding offer extreme durability and longevity, though steel siding can withstand a wider range of climates and weather conditions without suffering damage.  While fiber cement siding is relatively low-maintenance, it does require repainting about every 15 years; steel siding is extremely low maintenance and for TruLog, our high-quality paint coating is resistant to cracking, peeling, flaking, blistering, fading, and more–and is covered by a 30 year warranty.

Fiber cement is a great option for sustainable roofing, but it can be difficult to recycle when you want to change your roof. Steel siding is equally environmentally friendly but is 100% recyclable.

You want to replace old, damaged siding before you put your home on the market or get a property value appraisal, as old siding can lower your home value significantly. Steel siding is an option that while it does come with a higher upfront cost, can increase your home’s value, with an estimated average 86% ROI. Home buyers will appreciate the durability and low-maintenance requirements steel siding offers, especially compared to other options. This form of siding is also energy-efficient, with an average R-value of 0.61, before you add insulation.

The best thing about TruLog siding is that it is virtually maintenance free. The main maintenance the siding requires is washing away dirt and grime, usually after storms or between seasonal changes. Doing so is easy: you can use your garden hose on a powerful setting to spray the dirt, effectively removing it, or use a pressure washer on a low setting with a soapy solution. You won’t have to worry about things like repainting or replacing ruined pieces like with other types of siding.

If you take your time, installing TruLog siding isn’t a complicated process. The first step is mounting the starter piece .5 to 1 inch below the top of your home’s foundation. From there, you continue the prep work, installing corner bases, J-channels, and outlet boxes. Then, you can move on to carefully installing the actual siding pieces, going one row at a time. Use TruLog’s installation guide and videos for an in-depth explanation of the entire process, but when in doubt, it is always best to hire a professional who knows the process.

Cutting your steel siding correctly is critical to ensuring you get smooth cuts without sharp edges.

First, you want to measure carefully to make sure you get the right cut, and remove the foam backing to ensure it is precise. Once you’ve got your measurements and are ready to cut, you need to use the right tools: a slide miter saw with a ferrous metal cutting blade is the best choice, as the ferrous blade can cut through heavy-duty steel with no issues. For smaller and more detailed cuts, you want to use a pair of heavy-duty hand snips. Wear safety glasses, gloves, and ear protection when making the cuts and handle all tools carefully.

The amount of TruLog siding you will need multiple measurements. To get these numbers, you want to use a measuring tape to get accurate measurements of different areas. You will want both the length and width of your home’s exterior, the wall height, the pitch of your roof, and the dimensions of all of the doors and windows.

Contact us for more information on the necessary measurements or to get an estimate once you think you’re ready.

Unlike other materials, steel siding isn’t as delicate, which means you can use a pressure washer without fear of causing damage. While a pressure washer is safe to use, you want to avoid harsh chemicals and instead create a gentle solution of ⅓ cup of liquid laundry detergent mixed into 6 gallons of water. 

Before you start cleaning, turn off any exterior electrical breakers and use a soft-bristled deck brush to loosen any dirt and grime, then use the pressure washer with the solution on the lowest setting. Once you’ve finished one section, rinse your cleaning solution away with plain water from your garden hose.

Aside from the durability it offers, the other big advantage of TruLog’s steel siding is that it comes painted using TruLog’s advanced coating technology. This technology ensures that TruLog’s steel panels have a durable paint coating that is fade resistant and will last for many years. The durable coating is also resistant to peeling, cracking, flaking, blistering, and chipping. That doesn’t mean you can’t paint it if you choose to; a professional painter can help you choose the right color and type of paint for your siding, if you decide to change the color.

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TruLog Product Catalog

In our free catalog, you will learn about the benefits of TruLog’s™ Steel Siding