29 Stunning Steel Siding Design Ideas


Siding is arguably one of the most important parts of your home. It not only helps to protect your home from the elements, it also helps create its look and style – the very first thing that gets noticed in a property.

With more homeowners than ever before wanting a combination of style and durability for their homes, manufacturers are stepping up, creating beautiful, durable, and low maintenance materials like steel that can give you a wide range of options for your home. Steel house siding is an attractive option that can transform the look of any home you install it on. Best of all, steel is virtually maintenance free; the surface does not dent, crack, peel, chip, or fade, so you don’t need to worry about scraping, painting, or repairing your siding over time.

Metal House Siding Design Ideas

If you’re wondering just how good metal siding can look, check out these 29 steel siding ideas to get a fresh new perspective on this innovative material.

1. Rustic Resort Style

Give any home a rustic-style resort look by using steel siding combined with natural fieldstone and wood. Steel house siding can give you the look of a log cabin resort, but without the typical maintenance and associated costs that log cabins typically have.

2. Updated Ranch

steel house siding

Tired of the typical ranch look and want something new for your home? Transform your ranch with log-look steel siding. Steel siding gives this home texture and interest, so while the architecture hasn’t changed, its appearance undergoes a complete transformation, making it look like anything but your typical ranch.

3. Smokestack Match

Expand Steel Siding 1

There’s no need to cut your steel log siding short by applying it only to the building’s foundational structure. By extending the siding application onto the smokestack, you can create a unified look that gives the house an additional wow-factor. Consider integrating steel siding into the chimney design for an impressive uniformity that gives the home a put-together look.

4. Double Wide, Double Style

Steel siding can be installed on any type of home to give it a fresh new look and lower maintenance at the same time. This double wide gets a makeover with log-look steel siding that gives it a more permanent and appealing appearance.

5. Elevated Style

The use of a different material or siding on one portion of the home than the rest helps give extra interest to the entire property. In this case, metal siding is used on the upper story above the deck. This, combined with the oversized windows, draws the eye upward, making the siding the focal point of the design.

6. Parallel Picket Designs

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The idyllic white picket fence doesn’t have to be limited to fairy tales anymore. Energize your home front by using a white picket fence in parallel with exterior siding. One way to create the storybook look is to use white border edging to outline the home—think window frames, soffit, decals and entryway areas. This bold outlining technique helps boost the two-tone visual effect of the entire home.

7. Mixed Materials

One misconception of many siding types is that once you choose one, you’re locked into that material for the entire property. This home shows what’s possible by mixing steel siding with fieldstone for the chimney, rustic pillar posts and a standing seam metal roof. The final appearance has a lot of interest, setting the home apart from the rest.

8. Interesting Angles

metal house siding

This unique home extends outward at a slight angle between the two oversized windows. The metal house siding adds some curvature to the area that contrasts with the angle, making the entire area stand out. At the same time, the siding also complements the home’s architecture, creating a winning combination.

9. Brown on Brick

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Dark colored brick medleys look great along the foundation when topped with rich, brown siding. Using these two recognizable materials together can give the home a classic look that is hard to surpass. Steel siding is available in many hues, so be sure to match the shade of brown with the brick foundation.

10. Not Your Average Gambrel

Gambrel style homes have a very specific look that doesn’t change a lot from property to property. This home helps break the mold, however, by using log-look steel siding and a standing seam metal roof. Together, the materials help create a very durable structure that’s easy to maintain, with a look and style that’s fresh and interesting to look at.

11. Contrasting Lines

metal siding

When you have a simple structure like this one, you don’t want to dress it up with a lot of trim and accents. Instead, the lines of the siding moving horizontally and the lines of the roof coming down to meet it at a 90 degree angle help to create a lot of balance and interest for the home, without any decorative trim that might overwhelm the property.

12. Go Geometrical

Expand Steel Siding 4

Buildings with geometric layouts are big-time crowd pleasers—not to mention serious conversation starters! If you’re feeling up for the flair, going geometrical might be the perfect eccentricity for your building project. For octagonal or hexagonal structures, horizontal steel siding can assist in flaunting the unique architectural format. Use a vertical plank along each edge to create maximum definition.

13. Steel with Stone Accents

Metal siding made to look like real wood is so realistic looking that you can easily combine it with other natural materials like stone for unique and beautiful looks. This home uses a small stone border along the bottom skirting of the exterior, and uses the same stones on the chimney as well. They pair beautifully with the log-look siding for a natural look that’s in harmony with its surroundings.

14. Classic Appearance

Sometimes you just want the look of a classic log cabin, but without the difficulties in construction, the cost, or the added maintenance. With steel siding, you can still get that classic look, but with traditional building methods and better durability, insulation, and lower maintenance year round. Paired with a traditional peeled wood fence on the deck, this home has all the charm of a true log cabin with none of the drawbacks.

15. Sweet Victorian Style

Expand Steel Siding 5

Victorian homes are gaining in popularity, and you can get the look whether you’re rehabbing a home or building one from scratch. Delicate details featured in traditional Victorian-style homes can be elevated with deliberate attention to detail, such as in a two-toned steel siding approach. Maximize the porch space, rounded window lookouts, and apex decals for an all-around sweet aesthetic that is dripping in curb appeal.

16. Understated Design

Not every home has to be filled with detail and character to look its best. Some properties actually look better when a more simple approach is taken to their façade. This property shines with simple, clean steel siding and a classic shingle, overhanging roof. The siding has enough character to keep the home looking interesting, while the low maintenance steel will help ensure that it stays looking great for many years to come.

17. Beautiful Texture

Part of the appeal of using log-look siding on your home is the texture that comes along with the look. Steel siding has the same texture and convex surface as true log siding, but without the drawbacks like peeling paint or stain, and gaps where the wood may have swollen or shrunk. With steel house siding, you get all the beauty and texture of real wood but with none of the associated problems.

18. Back Porch Escape

Expand Steel Siding 6

Make the back porch a place that friends will want to hang around by introducing a covered area with a hanging swing and plenty of places to lounge. Steel siding can extend from the exterior to jazz up ceiling space, creating a cozy outdoor atmosphere that is still protected from the elements. Include exterior outlets and lighting features for the ultimate back porch escape.

19. Contrasting Accents

This home uses metal siding and natural stone in a unique way that really enhances the home’s exterior. The steel log-look siding covers the majority of the property, running horizontally along the surface. Mortared stones make up accent panels that run vertically against the siding. The contrast of the two materials and their directions help to create a unique and dynamic appearance.

20. Tiny Home

Tiny houses are hugely popular, and the trend just continues to grow. Many people who choose to invest in a tiny home do so to help cut down on home care and maintenance costs. By using steel siding, the exterior of the tiny home can remain low maintenance, while the log-look exterior helps give the property a lot of style that enhances its eye-catching façade.

21. Complementary Landscaping

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Creating an appealing home exterior goes far beyond individual design choices. It’s important that all the details work together seamlessly. To boost the overall impact of your home, introduce landscaping features that mesh well with exterior steel siding arrangements. Pick a pattern, like tall shrubs and short bushes, or choose sophisticated hanging planters to create a cohesive look.

22. Simplistic Exterior

This one story home has long lines that the log-look steel siding helps to emphasize. The siding is slightly wider than traditional lap siding, which helps call more attention to the direction that the siding takes. Paired with the low roof line, the siding helps to take the simple lines of the home, and turn them into a focal point.

23. True Ranch Style

Ranch style homes once had a lot more character and exterior interest than they do today. This residence takes back that dynamic exterior by using the long lines of log-look steel siding, paired with a natural wood column deck and a fieldstone skirt. Together, they help to create an exterior that matches the architecture of the home perfectly, helping to set it apart from the more ubiquitous style that many ranch style homes are known for.

24. Wilderness Outpost

Expand Steel Siding 8

Conjure classic frontier feelings by achieving a wilderness outpost aesthetic. To get this awesome look, focus on rustic detailing along the eaves and gutters. Then, choose a steel siding that features a weathered stain appearance that will help the structure blend right in to its rugged outdoor setting.

25. Exterior Living Space

When you’re thinking about the façade of your home, don’t overlook the areas where you may want to be spending more time outdoors. This back patio area shines with log-look steel siding as its backdrop. And because the steel siding is virtually maintenance free, you can spend more time enjoying your time outdoors and less time working on your siding repair, maintenance, and worry.

26. Steel and Brick

While many homes that mix materials tend to use things like stone as an accent, this home features not only steel siding with a natural log appearance, it also uses bricks over a large part of the exterior. The combination of the brick and the steel add a lot of interest and dimension to the home. At the same time, they also help ensure that the maintenance of the exterior is going to be easy, while the durability of the entire structure is going to be sky high.

27. Contemporary Blend

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If you’re a fan of contemporary designs, consider a blended exterior that brings together a variety of different elements. Try out different combinations to find the right fit. You might be surprised to discover that a Southern-style wraparound porch, concrete step foundation and steel log siding can all work well together for an impressive contemporary blend!

28. Small Home, Big Style

This home features a mixture of metal siding in a log-look style, along with a very stylized natural stone skirt. Rather than field stones, this home uses a stone that mimics the long lines of the siding, complementing them rather than contrasting. This creates a more subtle design, but given the size, shape, and placement of the property, it helps to create a design that’s more than suitable.

29. Nautical Vibes

Expand Steel Siding 10

With this exterior layout, you’ll harness the healing sea breeze even if you’re located miles away! The key to achieving the nautical aesthetic is to pick a classic blue and white color combination that partners with specific design choices, like circular window lookouts. Vertical steel siding can also up the ante by imitating the boardwalk-style buildings that are common in seaside towns.

Invest in Steel Siding

With so many different ways to use steel siding, and the many different looks you can get from the material, why not consider it for your home. No matter what your architectural style, you’ll benefit from the durability and the low maintenance care that only steel can bring. At the same time, you’ll also find plenty of style and interest to go around. Consider investing in steel siding for your home to get the best there is to offer.

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