Bold Band Board

The band board is used to transition one section of the board and batten on top of another. If you have a wall taller than 10 ft, the band board is used to cap the lower section and also act as the starting point for the next section above it.


J-Channel is a type of channel named after its shape according to the alphabet letter it resembles, “J”. J-Channel is installed around doors and windows to accept the TruLog log cabin siding. The j-channel fits tight against the outer edge of your doors and windows and is screwed into the wall, not the window itself. When installing the log siding, the siding slides into the channel to hide the cut siding.

Inside Corner

For inside corners, we use double j-channel, butted together. You can bury one j-channel in the corner and the other one can butt next to it.For more information watch our Inside Corner & Elevation Change Install Video


Sill is used to cover the cut edges of steel when you cut your panel down to fit around your doors and windows

Rat Stop/Starter

This piece is your starting point for the board and batten siding. It is installed at the bottom of the wall just like other starter material, and prevents any rodents from getting behind the siding since the board and batten panels lays on top of the stop. The bottom of the panel is covered by the angle of the rat stop piece.

Corner Base & Cap

Corner bases and caps are used to cover up the corners of your house and hide the cut metal siding. A corner base is applied to the home so the corner cap can be snapped on over the top. Corners provide your home with that finished look as well as protects the end of your TruLog faux log siding.

Bold Window Trim

J Block

Outlet J-Block – $15 Specifications: 5 1/4″ x 3 1/2″
Light J-Block
Light J-Block – $15 Specifications: 6″ x 5″


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