How to Estimate Total Square Footage

You will need a tape measure and some simple calculations for total square footage.

For a rough estimate, you should be able to divide your siding into squares, rectangles and triangles

Squares and rectangles use the simple formula: square footage = height x length

Triangles use the formula: square footage = (height x length)/1.5


Remember to subtract the window areas

Squares & Rectangles


square footage = HxL
This works for any square or rectangle shape



square footage = HxL/1.5
The area of any triangular shape is the height times the length divided by 1.5

TruLog™ Siding Colors

TruLog™ Steel Log Siding comes in eight unique colors

HD Wood Grain Color

Weathered Gray

HD Wood Grain Color

Ponderosa Pine

HD Wood Grain Color

Western Cedar

HD Wood Grain Color

Dark Walnut

Standard Color


Standard Color

Autumn Brown

Standard Color

Canyon Red

Standard Color


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