Here are some common questions about TruLog Steel Log Siding.
General Log Siding
What are my options when it comes to Log Siding?
There are many options to choose from in the log siding industry including: steel log siding, real wood log siding, concrete log siding, and vinyl log siding.
Why is one kind of siding better?
It depends on three main questions. What is your budget for log siding? Are you willing to have maintenance done on your home roughly every 2-3 years? What is the look you are trying to achieve for your home?
What is the cost of log siding material not including installation? Is it more expensive than traditional siding (wood or steel lap siding)?
This is a wide range of prices for log siding depending on the option you choose. From our experience of the market, wood log siding can cost $300-$600 a square ($3-$6 per square foot) for the raw materials without staining or chinking. Concrete log siding can cost $800-$1200 a square ($8-$12 per square foot). Vinyl log siding can cost $300-$500 a square ($3-$5 per square foot). Contact us today for pricing on TruLog metal log siding.

Log siding can be more expensive than your traditional siding, but you won’t be getting the look of a log cabin with traditional siding. You want your structure to look like a log home, don’t you?

Is there maintenance with log siding?
Steel log siding from TruLog has no maintenance! You don’t have to paint, stain, or seal our steel log panel like other log siding materials. You can just wash it off with a garden hose!

Wood log siding will have constant maintenance requiring you to stain or paint and seal it every 2-3 years which costs thousands of dollars each time.

Concrete log siding won’t have as much maintenance as wood log siding but you will have to seal it every 1-2 years. If your concrete log siding goes untreated, cracks can form, letting water get inside and once winter rolls around it freezes and can bust the concrete right off the wall.

Vinyl log siding doesn’t have much maintenance at all. It is similar to steel log siding in that there is no painting or sealing of the product needed. HOwevery, vinyl siding can fade and chalk very quickly and cannot be repainted. Vinyl can also be warped or cracked due to harsh weather conditions in which you will have to replace those damaged panels.

How do I know how much siding I will need?
In order to get you the most accurate material estimate, we would need the length and width of your home with the wall height. The pitch of your roof, if you have a pitched roof. Also send along the dimensions of your doors and windows. This will help us get you an estimate on metal siding cost from TruLog. When you have these measurements simply email them to us and we’ll get back to you regarding our log siding prices.


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TruLog Siding
What is TruLog siding?
TruLog siding is the most realistic looking steel log siding on the market today featuring patented hew line and chink line technology that no one else can offer you. Our patented technology gives your home that authentic log cabin look but without the maintenance. Check out our product page for more information about our maintenance free steel log siding panel.
Where can I buy TruLog siding?
You can buy TruLog siding direct by contacting us. We sell direct to you so you get the best price possible!
What colors are available?
We have four standard colors available: Cedar, Autumn Brown, Sable, and Canyon Red. You can check out our colors here.

We also have four premium HD Woodgrain colors, Western Cedar, Ponderosa Pine, Dark Walnut and Weathered Gray, that you can see here.

If you would like a sample of the colors, you can fill out a request form and just let us know what color you would like to see.

How do I get a sample of the colors available?
Fill out our contact form and the color you would like here and we will send you the color you request
Is there a warranty on the siding?
Our steel material comes with a warranty that is backed by the coil suppliers, themselves. Both the premium and standard colors come with a 30 year paint coat warranty. You can see both warranties here and here
TruLog Pricing
How much is the siding per square foot?
Contact us today for pricing
How can I get an estimate price for siding my project with TruLog siding?
Send us the square footage you need covered, # of windows and doors with their dimensions, and if you have gables/eves and we can get you a full estimate
Are there any discounts based on volume?
Depends on how many square feet of siding you need to order
How long does it take to get the siding?
We request a lead time of 3-4 weeks from the time you place your order to receiving the material direct to your location!
How can someone purchase TruLog siding?
TruLog is manufactured and shipped from directly to you, from Colorado. You can purchase direct from our factory and it can be installed by any local siding professional or you can install it yourself.
TruLog Installation
What skills and tools do I need to install TruLog siding?
We recommend the following tools: Midwest steel snips (to cut the siding), carpenters hammer, nails, speed square, pencil, working gloves.
What other parts do I need to install?
In order to properly install TruLog siding, you will need to have siding accessories such as j-channel, undersill, h-starter, penetration blocks (for your outside faucets, electrical outlets, etc.), crown (for when your siding meets your soffit), and we recommend our bold after wrap trim. You can see all these accessories here
What is the installation process?
We provide you with a step by step instructional video that shows you how to install our siding. The installation process is very similar to any other steel box siding installation
Do you offer installation of the siding?
Only local projects in Colorado depending on available time.
Where can I call to get help once I am installing?
You can contact us directly with your questions!
How do I finish around windows and doors?
We recommend our bold after wrap trim system. This trim easily snaps into the j-channel you have around your windows and doors giving your home that finished look. You can see picture of this right here.
TruLog Maintenance
What maintenance is necessary with TruLog Siding?
Greatest thing about TruLog siding, there is no maintenance! If there is dirt or some dust on the siding, you can wash it off with your garden hose
How long will it last?
It has a limited lifetime warranty. From our experience, we have people with steel siding (same material used to manufacture steel log siding) on the home that is looking good as new that was installed 30+ years ago
What happens with the seams of the siding? Can weather easily get behind those seams?
There is an overlap of each siding piece of roughly ½ inch. We like the look of the seams since it emulates a real log home. Real log homes don’t always have continuous logs. We recommend installing the siding so the seams are away from the weather. For example, if you have wind that runs east and west in your area, we suggest installing the siding so the seams are point to the west so the weather cannot get behind the siding. We haven’t had an experiences yet with weather getting behind the siding.
Can the paint coating be scratched? If so, what happens to the siding?
The paint coating can be scratched with good pressure and a sharp edge. Thanks to an alloy applied to the siding in the manufacturing process, this wont hurt the siding as the steel will be resistant to “bleeding”. If you do happen to get some scratches, we can provide you with color matched touch up paint to cover up the scratch
Will TruLog siding rust, corrode or “bleed”?
TruLog siding will not rust, corrode, or “bleed” thanks to our coil being coated with a metal alloy; Galvalume ®. This metal alloy will protect the siding from rust, the elements, and fire. Check out more about Galvalume here.
Can TruLog withstand heavy gusts of wind?
Yes it can. We have installed siding that lasted through a tornado here in Colorado without ripping a single piece from the home. Installation is key to making sure your siding is the most wind resistant. We will work closely with your installer to make sure this happens
Will TruLog withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures without damage to the material?
Yes it will. Extreme hot and cold temperature will not damage the material. Metal will expand and contract but not to the extremes of vinyl log siding to where the material will pop off the wall. Expanding and contracting is a natural part of steel log siding but will not cause damage.
Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at ryan.reedbaum@trulogsiding.com or call us at 970-227-3245
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