A Better Alternative to Vinyl Log Siding from Lowes

A Better Alternative to Vinyl Log Siding from Lowes 1

Log cabins have a long history that’s viewed with a lot of nostalgia and romance by many people. But real log cabins aren’t in high supply, and not everyone has the means to build a home from scratch. For that reason, lovers of the log cabin look will often purchase faux log siding to install on their existing home. This often gives them the best of both worlds; the look of the log cabin they want, but with less expense and often less maintenance.

The look of log siding has become so popular, in fact, that it’s now possible to purchase a lower cost version of it from big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. And while these are certainly better alternatives than attempting to side your home with half logs, they aren’t necessarily the best option available. While vinyl faux log siding from Lowes may fill a need, it doesn’t offer all the options or durability that steel log-look siding can. 

Vinyl Log-Look Siding

The log siding material that you’ll find at a Lowes or similar store will likely be made of vinyl. Vinyl siding has been around for decades and has a number of positive attributes. It never requires painting or scraping, can act as its own rainscreen, and because the color goes straight through, it doesn’t chip either. 

Vinyl does a have a few attributes that also make it less of a good choice in some areas. For example, it is technically a form of plastic – polyvinyl chloride. This plastic, like other plastics, has a relatively low melting point. In some climates, vinyl siding can soften, melt, and warp in direct sunlight. 

It can also freeze and become brittle in extremely cold temperatures. When this occurs, it can crack on impact. For these reasons, there are some climates where vinyl siding is less commonly installed, simply because it doesn’t tolerate the conditions very well. 

The faux log siding at Lowes, like a lot of vinyl, also comes in limited colors and sizes. This makes it more difficult to customize the look of your home. And because a lot of colors can vary tremendously with vinyl, if you do experience a crack or warped piece of siding and need to replace it, you may have difficulty finding a perfect match. 

Finally, big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes aren’t specialty companies in the sense that they manufacture or install the material you purchase. They don’t deliver their siding, which means factoring in not only the purchase but also the transport of the siding, then arranging the installation with yet another party. 

Lowes Vinyl Log Siding Alternative

log look siding

Log-look siding is still a better choice than real wood. Wood is going to peel, chip, and eventually rot and it’s going to require a lot of upkeep whether you opt for half-log siding or a real wood log cabin. 

Log-look siding made of steel is an even better choice. Steel siding from TruLog comes in 7 distinct colors that give you a better match to real wood. Steel is incredibly durable, not melting, warping, or cracking in extreme temperatures. The color is designed not to fade, chip, or peel either, so it’s much lower maintenance than wood. 

Steel log-look siding has the texture and appearance you want, and the durability you need to truly protect your home from the elements. Steel is also completely recyclable, unlike vinyl, which can be difficult to find recycling centers for. This not only makes it a longer-lasting and more durable option for your home, but it also makes it a more eco-friendly option as well. 

TruLog siding can be delivered right to your door, as well, making the coordination of purchase and installation a lot easier. Because you know the manufacturer, you’ll also be better able to judge what it is you’re getting – something that’s harder to do when selecting a product off the shelves at a big box store. 

With any type of log-look siding, you’re getting the look of a log cabin on your existing home. With steel log-look siding, you’re also getting a more realistic looking material, better durability, a more eco-friendly material, and better customer service. All of this adds up to steel log-look siding being the better choice for any project. 

Get the Best Material for Your Home’s Exterior

A Better Alternative to Vinyl Log Siding from Lowes 3

TruLog steel siding will give you a better look, better performance, and better longevity than the vinyl log siding from big box stores like Lowes. Re-siding your home is not something you’ll want to do again anytime soon, so make the choice to get a durable, long-lasting and attractive siding, and re-side your home with the best log-look material you can find. 

Steel siding from TruLog makes getting the look of a log cabin easy, and the maintenance even easier. Check out their selection to find out more about how it may work for your home.

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