14 Top Siding Contractors in Twin Falls, ID

Need a siding contractor in Twin Falls, Idaho? This list includes the top 14 providers in the area, some of whom specialize in siding and some who can tackle all sorts of exterior remodeling projects. Take a look at these contractors who specialize in a wide variety of siding types and styles that are perfect for homes in southern Idaho.

The Best Siding Options for Idaho Homes

The Snake River Canyon to the north makes Twin Falls a beautiful place to live and work. It is surrounded by picturesque terrain. Beyond serving as a scenic backdrop, the landscape plays a critical role in determining the best building materials for local homes and businesses.

Climate and seasonal weather should always be accounted for when choosing the right siding for a home or business. Certain weather patterns can put strain on a structure’s exterior, and not every siding material is equipped to perform at the same level of quality that you’d hope. Wood, for example, is prone to warp, rot, and cracking from excessive heat, sun exposure, and moisture. Vinyl, though typically lower maintenance than wood, can also show unsightly signs of wear and tear, like warping and color fading. Flammability is another concern for these siding materials.

Twin Falls is known for its particularly dry, arid climate that can affect traditional siding, like wood and vinyl — not to mention their flammability concerns. As temps climb in the summer, low quality siding materials can expand and become warped. Dry heat can cause cracking, warping, and color fading, but the snow in the winter also provides plenty of moisture that can turn into water damage.

Choosing a siding material that is equipped to handle all the weather challenges of Twin Falls is crucial if you want to have a long-lasting exterior. The southern Idaho climate means year-round threats from the elements are always at play. Selecting a stronger, more durable siding material, like steel, can eliminate these concerns. Durable, moisture-resistant, fire-resistant, and low-maintenance, steel siding is the prime choice for siding in Twin Falls and the entire southern Idaho region.

What to Look for in a Siding Contractor

Many general contractors advertise siding installation as one of their skills, while some contractors specialize in siding. Depending on your comfort level, it may be wise to consider a contractor who specializes in siding if you have particular questions, concerns, or need additional guidance about the best siding options.

Another good thing to look for when choosing a siding contractor in Idaho is to make sure that they are familiar with the type of siding you want to install. Every siding product has slightly different installation procedures and recommendations. Siding is a big investment in your home, and you don’t want to choose an ambitious contractor who’s working with a certain type of siding for the first time in their career. Experience is key — especially because improper installation can compromise the performance of some siding products. 

Finally, be sure to set the expectations in advance before the project kicks off. Clarify all operational details, including the timeline, completion date, cost, payplan due dates, and how information will be communicated with the contractor (phone, text, email, in person, etc.). Some homeowners value timeliness more than product selection and vice versa. If you’re not happy with the details of how the project will be handled, continue getting quotes from other siding contractors until you’re satisfied. There’s nothing worse than hiring a contractor and then finding out that their work style is not what you wanted. As the homeowner, you have the power to interview and ask questions before hiring someone for the job.

The Top 14 Siding Contractors in Twin Falls

Let’s take a look at the top 14 siding contractors in Twin Falls and the immediate surrounding area. This is a broad list that features many different types of organizations, from small family-run teams to ambitious do-it-all contractors. Don’t be afraid to contact these siding contractors and discuss the details of your project before making a final hiring decision.

1. Top Shelf Home Improvement

2. Magic Valley Restoration & Construction

3. Willow Exterior Renovation & Construction

4. Shy-Bee Construction, LLC

5. Rocky Mountain Exteriors

6. Timberline Exteriors

7. Moller Construction

8. Super Sport Siding

9. Treasure Valley Exteriors

10. 1-Call Property Solutions

11. Whitehead Home & Energy

12. 43 Construction

13. DeBella

14. Western Siding

There are lots of great siding contractors located in Twin Falls, Idaho. This information will help you with your research so that you can find the perfect professional for your project.

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