Replacing Mobile Home Siding With a More Durable Siding Material

Like every home, mobile and manufactured homes require care and maintenance to look and function at their best. Replacing the siding on a mobile home is one of the most common exterior repairs or upgrades that gets done on this type of property.

mobile home siding replacement

Mobile homes can be clad in all the same materials and styles as permanently-fixed homes. This means that you can also get the benefits of using a lower maintenance and more durable material for your home, like the benefits that come from using steel siding.

Mobile Home Siding Considerations

Most mobile homes have many of the same considerations and concerns as permanently-fixed homes. Climate, moisture, location, appearance, and maintenance are all things that you’ll need to consider as you make your decision whether to reside, and what to reside your home with.

Mobile homes can be located anywhere in the country, so like other types of homes they may be impacted by a wide range of different climates and weather conditions. In areas like Arizona that see a lot of sun and high UV index, wood siding tends to peel more quickly, requiring more maintenance, while materials like vinyl often soften in the sun, warping over time.

In the north and northeast, very cold temperatures can mean that vinyl siding cracks over time, and that there are additional concerns with needing to insulate the home as well.

If you’ve put your mobile home on a foundation or given it a more permanent skirt, you’ll also want to find a siding material that can complement its appearance. Mobile homes can look very attractive when clad with the right material, and they can take on a range of different styles, including siding in a board and batten style or log-look siding that can transform a mobile home into the look of a log cabin.

It’s also important for mobile home owners to have a siding that’s both durable and low maintenance. Many mobile homes can be impacted by things like high winds, rain, and hail, which can damage the property and mean a lot of high maintenance and costly repairs. Choosing a siding that can help protect your home from the elements, as well as from moisture, insect activity, or fire, can go a long way toward helping save money on exterior home repairs and maintenance.

Material Choices for Replacing Mobile Home Siding

replacing mobile home siding

Mobile homes can be re-sided in all of the same materials as other homes. After taking the various considerations into account, however, you may find that your search is narrowed down to some of the more durable materials.


Vinyl is a popular choice for mobile homes because it’s inexpensive and doesn’t require paint. But, it’s not very durable, melting in hot temperatures and becoming brittle and cracking in cold climates. It’s also not very aesthetically pleasing, with visible overlapping seams and a limited color range. So, while vinyl may be lower in maintenance than wood, it’s not always the best choice for mobile homes.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding gets a lot of attention as a more durable alternative to both wood and vinyl. It’s definitely more durable and it withstands both heat and cold better than either wood or vinyl. But, it’s an extremely heavy material that can be difficult and expensive to install. You may have trouble finding someone that’s willing or able to install it, and while it’s lower maintenance than wood, it still requires repainting about once a decade, so you’ll still be spending money on exterior upkeep over the life of the siding.

Steel Siding

Steel siding makes an excellent choice for log homes, combining strength and durability with style and curb appeal. Steel siding is available in styles such as board and batten or log-look siding that can give your mobile home a fresh new look.

Steel is moisture and insect-resistant, as well as flame retardant, so it isn’t impacted by various weather conditions or climates. This keeps the repairs and maintenance needed to the bare minimum, reducing your upkeep costs. Steel siding comes in many colors with an authentic woodgrain finish, and doesn’t require repainting like wood or fiber cement. With steel siding, you can gain protection for your mobile home, while giving it a fresh new look.

Update Your Mobile Home’s Exterior

Your mobile home has many of the same concerns as other types of homes, and you need to make sure that you’re preventing any issues with the siding you choose. Utilizing steel siding from TruLog is one way to protect your mobile home from the elements, while also giving it the appearance of a cottage or a log cabin. Give your mobile home the upgrade it needs to look and function at its best, and install steel siding on your exterior to capture these benefits for yourself.

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