Options to Maximize Outdoor Living Space at a Log Cabin

When you’re considering building a new log home or performing a major renovation on your existing one, you have an opportunity to add more outdoor living space. You can choose to add all sorts of space depending on your family’s log cabin needs, and all of it brings you closer to the great outdoors.

Wrap Around Porch

By definition, a wrap around porch goes around two or more sides of your log cabin. Many people enjoy wrapping these porches all around their log homes. A wrap around porch may be covered or uncovered. Either way, it adds immense amounts of outdoor living space for your family to enjoy.

Screened Porch

Depending on where you live, screening porches may be a necessity. The window screens prevent insects, debris, and other undesirable items from entering the area. This change transforms the porch into a second living room area in most cases, while still letting you enjoy the exterior of your log home.

Creating a screened porch is often straightforward if a covered porch exists already. In many cases, you can flex your DIY skills and accomplish it in a weekend. However, building permits, covenants, and homeowners associations may restrict what you can do. Make sure to check the regulations before beginning the project.

Covered Porch

Covered porches are excellent options in most climates. By providing shade, the temperature on the porch tends to be more reasonable, which encourages your family to spend time outside. Your family may even meet some new friends while you’re out there.

Covered porches also offer your log home benefits. The covered porch protects the logs from wind, water, and sunlight, which slows the weathering process. Using a covered porch means your wood will stay healthier, longer.


Decks are quintessentially log cabin. Depending on where the deck is on your log home, its function can vary. For example, a deck off the living room might become the favorite place to eat dinner. Meanwhile, a deck off the master bedroom becomes a private retreat. Decks lend themselves to any terrain, and you can customize them to match your needs or view.


Patios are another versatile choice to add to the outdoor living space of your log cabin. They’re easy to personalize and offer increased resale value. However, beyond that, a patio is an opportunity to create a community. After all, there is no better way to meet the neighbors than by hosting a cookout on the patio.

Outdoor Fire

Both fire pits and fireplaces fascinate humans. Adding one to your log cabin property creates an instant gathering place. Your family can enjoy s’mores, long chats, and even ghost stories centered around these areas. Plus, campfires and log cabins go together famously.


While not technically outside, sunrooms are a great way to meet the outdoors halfway. These rooms are typically enclosed and can be climate controlled if you want. A sunroom is a great place to take morning coffee or take a breather while looking out at the stunning land around your log cabin.

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