Log Homes Vs. Conventional Homes: Making the Best Home Choice

Log Homes vs Conventional Homes

In the past, log cabins were the primary choice of home style. They were traditional, rustic, and widely available throughout the country. As years went on, the style of homes being built began changing and the standard style seen today took the log cabin’s place as the typical choice for home design.

The Pros and Cons of Log Homes vs Conventional Homes

Now, however, people who want something other than the conventional home style are wondering: when it comes to the log homes vs conventional homes debate, which is better?

Here is a look at the pros and cons of each.

Pros of Real Log Homes

It is not very often that you come across log cabin homes, which means they are a unique choice these days. So, when you want to stand out from all the conventional homes around you, a real log home is the perfect option.

The real log homes being built today are also sustainable, green homes. This is because today’s builders are making the conscious move to using wood logs that come from renewable, sustainable forest and are grown for the specific purpose of being cut down for various uses.

Log homes are also an energy efficient option because they are great at conserving energy and maintaining a steady temperature. This means, you will not have to rely so heavily on your HVAC system, which allows you to save money.

Cons of Real Log Homes

Log Homes vs Conventional Homes 1

But, while there are many benefits to real log homes, there are also various cons to consider. The biggest drawbacks to real log homes is the level of maintenance that they require. Over time logs can shift and become damaged or rotten, which requires maintenance.

Real log homes also come at a higher price—beyond the cost of maintaining them, the initial cost of building one can be reasonably high. This is especially true if you live far away from the log mill, which means logs have to be transported to the job site over a greater distance.

Pros of Conventional Homes

For those that prefer uniformity, conventional homes blend effortlessly with the other houses, and can easily adapt to match the style of any neighborhood. Whether siding is vinyl or stucco, it can be made to match the neighborhood and your own preferences.

Another benefit to conventional homes is that they require less maintenance than log homes. With conventional homes, the primary maintenance task is cleaning the siding every so often, which does not require much time, effort, or money.

Finally, conventional homes cost much less than real log cabins. Since the materials for conventional homes are readily available, it helps to reduce the cost significantly.

Cons of Conventional Homes

When you choose to go with conventional home design, you can be limited in your choice of materials. This can make it difficult to put your own personal touch on the exterior appearance of the home.

With conventional homes, you can also expect an extended construction period than you would with log cabin homes. This is because of the way these homes are built: each wall is put together separately, then they are joined together.

The Perfect Alternative

Log Homes vs Conventional Homes 2

When considering the log homes vs conventional homes debate, it comes down to preferences. These days, log homes are becoming increasingly popular once again, because people can combine a homey, rustic exterior with an upscale, modern interior. But, the cost and maintenance requirements of log homes make many people hesitate or settle for a more conventional style home.

But, these days there is a new alternative that can give the look of a rustic log cabin with the maintenance requirements of vinyl siding: steel log siding.

TruLog’s Steel Log Siding

Log Homes vs Conventional Homes 3

TruLog’s steel log siding is specially designed metal siding that has the appearance of real logs, but none of the cons that come with them. It is also readily available regardless of where you live and can be shipped all over the country at a reasonable cost compared to real logs.

Their siding is made using rigid 28-gauge steel that is coated with a paint that is resistant to cracking, peeling, flaking, blistering, chipping, and fading. Beyond that, due to how the panels overlap, TruLog’s steel log siding creates an effective barrier that protects the inside of the home from the outside world and provides superior insulation, making it very energy efficient.

There is denying the beauty of real log cabins—they are a classic style that can easily take you back in time. But, their cost and maintenance requirements can also set you back when compared to conventional homes.

These days, however, there is no need to debate log homes vs conventional homes as you can get the best of both home styles with the help of steel log siding. Steel log siding can give your home that unique, rustic look that log siding provides, with the maintenance and cost of conventional vinyl siding.

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