Considerations for Covering an Old Barn with Metal Siding

Covering Old Barn With Metal Siding
Covering Old Barn With Metal Siding

Wondering how to make an old barn look brand new again? With modern materials, it isn’t so difficult! In many cases, a fresh application of metal siding can instantly rejuvenate old structures and breathe new life into beloved barns. The installation process is pretty straightforward….

By making some thoughtful decisions at the start, it’s fairly easy to accomplish a successful barn renovation by adding new metal siding. Take a look at some of the key components of renovating an old barn, so you know what to do before you begin.

Barn Renovation Over New Builds

Barns are an essential part of idyllic countryside landscapes across the country. Whether built for stables or housing farm equipment, barns are one of the workhorses of rural property structures. Traditionally, barns were built with raw wood from top to bottom, inside and out. This type of building approach worked for its era, it isn’t the best aesthetic for structural longevity today. Wood tends to rot, fade, warp, and buckle with everyday exposure to the elements.

Barn Renovation Over New Builds

Once faced with an old barn riddled with peeling paint and rotten siding, property owners may be tempted to tear it down and build a new structure. However, recent material innovations have afforded smarter choices that are more sustainable. 

Renovating old barns by covering them with fresh metal siding is one example of using durable materials to save a structure and make it attractive again.

Covering old barns with metal siding has actually gained a lot of popularity in recent years because it saves time and money. Installing metal siding is a fairly easy way to fix up an old barn that needs a facelift, and metal siding can enhance the overall durability of the structure by providing a stronger defense against the elements.

If the structural foundation of a barn is sound but the outside appearance is a wreck, covering the old barn with metal siding is a fantastic solution to save the structure and create a beautiful appearance.

How to Install Metal Siding Over Old Barn Walls

How to Install Metal Siding Over Old Barn Walls

Installing metal siding over old barn walls is a much faster task than replacing all the original wood siding. In fact, there’s no need to remove the original wood siding at all; as long as it isn’t rotten, it can be left in place and covered with metal panels. If there are sections that appear to have wood rot, be sure to replace them with basic particle board so that it doesn’t accrue additional damage and continue to weaken the structure.

Though most wood siding can be left in place, it is important to remove wooden trim that may be present around the exterior of the old barn. Once the trim is removed, you’ll have a flat, smooth surface to work with.

Another key point to think about is that it isn’t ideal to affix metal siding directly to the existing wood siding. Chances are that the original wood siding is already weak due to wear and tear over the years. While it doesn’t need to be removed, it’s best to affix a few fresh 1x4s, horizontally, to serve as an anchor point to which the metal siding can be attached. Usually one or two segments will suffice.

Considerations for Covering an Old Barn with Metal Siding

Once this prepwork is finished, you can start covering the old barn with new metal siding! 

Metal siding products have intuitive designs that make them very easy to work with. Most property owners are surprised at how fast the installation process can be finished.

Stylistic Metal Siding Options

There are many metal siding options available these days, especially when consulting experienced manufacturers like TruLog. The best strategy is to consider the shape and size of the old barn and visualize how different metal siding styles will look. In most cases, there is no right or wrong choice; much of the design process relies on personal choice and aesthetic preference.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to metal siding styles, board and batten is a consistent favorite for barn renovations. This vertical layout has the same classic appeal as many original barn designs. Metal board and batten siding is an excellent example of a barn siding style that feels both modern and familiar.

Horizontal lap is another solid choice for metal barn siding. Often used in residential structures, lap is a versatile style that truly looks good on a wide range of buildings, including barns.

Horizontal lap metal barn siding

Remember, there’s no need to stick to the same style that the old barn had before. It can be fun to explore some of the alternative options out there and create something new. For example, TruLog even offers steel siding that resembles logs. This makes it possible to transform an old barn from a traditional structure with simple lap to a charming cabin-style barn with a rich color consistency and natural-looking wood grain patterns.

TruLog has an abundance of modern metal siding styles in a wide assortment of colors and styles. Contact TruLog today to see the possibilities!

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