Common Log Home Blunders avoided with TruLog

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For many people, building a log home is a lifelong dream realized. If you are thinking about building your own log home, you may be excited about finally starting this project, but it’s important to put the proper planning and execution into log construction in order to avoid common pitfalls. With a little extra care and patience, you can avoid running into problems that could have a lasting impact on the appearance, structure or longevity of the house.

As you think about how to build your dream home, consider faux log siding. TruLog™ steel log siding makes it easy to avoid the most common log home mistakes listed below.

Making Your Own Log Home: Common Mistakes

Designing a home that doesn’t fit your budget. You are finally building your dream home. But if your ambitions outgrow your budget, you could be left quite literally paying the price for years to come. Home construction above your budget could mean more debt. Avoid unnecessary financial burdens by sticking to the budget you set ahead of time. Although it can be tempting to splurge during the early stages of home design, you’ll likely be happier in the long run if you don’t overspend.

TruLog™ can make a significant difference in this regard. As a vastly more affordable option, TruLog™ allows your home to look like log construction without the high upfront construction costs and ongoing maintenance costs of real logs.

Cutting corners during preparation and planning. Much goes into the construction of a log home. Although the execution of the construction is exciting, it’s important to carefully plan out each phase. Planning helps you avoid unnecessary mistakes.

TruLog™ is a siding material. It does not require anywhere near as much planning as building a log home. Instead, you install the siding on an existing structure. You can also have a contractor install it for you.

Failing to account for log protection with an adequate roof overhang. Logs stand up well to weather, if properly treated. But if your home is designed with too short of an overhang, repeated exposure to rain over the years can begin to deteriorate the wood. While it may be tempting to save money by making a less substantial roof overhang, this is a mistake that could be very costly in the long run.

TruLog™ faux log siding can last for decades even with repeated onslaughts of rain, hail, high winds and snow. The heavy gauge steel does not rust or corrode because of rain saturation. And there’s no maintenance required to promote this durability; it’s simply the nature of the material itself.

Using cheap log materials to build your home.  Unfortunately, log construction is one of those industries where the quality of materials really make a difference. If you have to use cheap materials to fit your budget, it’ll probably make the final result a little less beautiful and durable.

Although TruLog™ is an affordable alternative, choosing this material does not mean you’ll get cheap results. TruLog™ is made of high-quality, durable American steel. In addition to its strength, TruLog™ has the natural contours and look of real wood. We are passionate about providing a product that allows our customers to have the log-style home of their dreams without having to deal with the problems commonly associated with logs.

To find out if TruLog™ steel log siding might be the right faux log material for your project, please call our experienced Loveland, CO team at 970-646-4490. We will provide you with a free estimate, and we can ship your steel siding order directly to you.

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