Your Guide to TruLog® Steel Log Siding

Have you always dreamed of owning a log cabin or log home, but hesitate because of the amount of maintenance and other hassles that come with having wood siding? If so, it’s time to consider TruLog® steel log siding. Our steel siding is built strong and durable so you can enjoy maintenance-free siding on your home for up to three decades. Our siding will never rot, chip, or fade. In fact, our steel siding is made to hold up against even some of the harshest outdoor elements like rain, snow, and hail.  

In today’s blog from TruLog®, we are going to discuss the many benefits to our steel log siding and why it is the clear choice when creating a log home or cabin. Continue reading to learn more, and when you are ready to turn your home into a log cabin, contact the team at TruLog®

Our TruLog® Steel Log Siding

Our steel log siding at TruLog® can make your home look like a rustic log cabin while providing a long list of benefits that make it a superior choice to wood log siding. Because our siding is made from steel, it’s durable, long-lasting, fire-resistant, and environmentally-friendly. While it’s true that steel can’t exactly replicate the look of wood, our steel log siding comes pretty close. 


The steel log siding from TruLog® is completely maintenance-free. With natural wood siding, you will have to worry about restaining, repainting, rechinking, and other upkeep projects. But with steel log siding, you’ll never have to spend your weekends or free time working on your siding. If your siding becomes dirty, you can simply spray it off with the garden hose, and that will be the most maintenance that our steel siding ever requires. 


Steel log siding from TruLog® is made from rigid 26-gauge steel. It will not rust or rot, the paint won’t fade or chip, and it is not susceptible to insect infestations like carpenter ants and termites. With our steel siding, you simply have it installed — or install it yourself — and sit back and enjoy your home. 


Since our log siding is made from steel, it is considered extremely sustainable. Steel doesn’t require much energy to make, and once it’s made, it can be recycled again and again. 


Our steel log siding is made from 70% recycled materials. And, in a few decades when you are ready to replace your steel siding, it is 100% recyclable. You don’t have to worry about trees being cut down to make your siding and none of it will end up in a landfill when it’s time to replace it.


Our steel log siding is designed to last 30 years. Since it doesn’t rot or rust and the paint never chips or cracks, you can enjoy your maintenance-free siding for three decades. 


Steel log siding isn’t impacted by rain, hail, or snow like some other faux log sidings. It’s built strong and tough to protect your home from even the harshest weather. 

Reduces Your Energy Bills

Our steel log siding can increase your home’s insulation factor from a R-3 to an R-4. Which means your home’s heating and cooling system will have to work less. Our steel siding is also painted with CoolPaint Technology™, which reflects the heat from the sun away from your home. It is also coated with an ENERGY STAR compliant finish to increase its energy-efficiency.  


TruLog® steel siding is also fire-resistant. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that your home cannot catch on fire, seeing as other components are probably made from wood. It means that the siding of your home will not attract a fire. 

30-Year Warranty

We are so confident that our steel log siding won’t fade or chip, that we offer a 30-year paint protection warranty. 

Simple Installation

Our steel log siding is made to be easily installed by either you or a professional contractor. We include installation videos on our site so that you can see step-by-step instructions of how our steel log siding is installed on your home. 

If you would rather have a professional install our steel log siding for you, follow these tips for choosing the right contractor. 

Authentic Log Cabin Appearance

The steel log siding from TruLog® can give your home an authentic, rustic log cabin look without all the hassle of owning an actual log cabin. With eight color options, you can choose the steel log siding that will make your home look like the log cabin of your dreams.  

TruLog® Steel Log Siding Color Options

Our TruLog® steel siding comes in four standard colors and four premium colors. While the standard colors are absolutely beautiful and can provide your home with a rustic, log cabin look, the premium colors are designed to give your home an even more authentic appearance. The premium HD colors include hew and chink lines that make them slightly more appealing to those who want their home to look like an real log cabin. View our gallery to see all of the steel log siding colors from TruLog®. 

Four Standard Colors

  • Autumn Brown
  • Canyon Red
  • Sable
  • Cedar

Four Premium Colors

  • HD Weathered Gray
  • HD Ponderosa Pine
  • HD Dark Walnut
  • HD Western Cedar

Order Your TruLog® Steel Log Siding Today

Are you ready to own the log cabin you’ve always dreamed of? If so, it’s time to consider TruLog® steel log siding. Unlike natural wood siding, our steel siding is rot-resistant, insect-resistant, fire-resistant, fade-resistant, chip-resistant, and completely maintenance-free. When you choose steel log siding for your home, you can rest assured that your home will look beautiful for decades to come without having to give up your weekends or free-time taking care of it. And, in about 30 years when you are ready to replace your siding again, TruLog® is 100% recyclable. No only is our steel log siding a wonderful choice for you and your family, but also for the environment. Contact the team at TruLog® today for an estimate and get ready to live in the log cabin of your dreams.

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