The Best Alternatives to Wood Siding

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The look and style of wood siding has nearly universal appeal. Unfortunately, as beautiful and versatile as wood is, it’s also extremely high maintenance. Wood can burn, rot, grow mold, absorb water, warp, and it requires nearly endless amounts of care.

Therefore, many homeowners turn to wood siding alternatives to clad their homes. Something that can give them the look of wood, but without the upkeep and maintenance. Some of these materials look good on paper, such as vinyl siding, but come with a wide range of issues all their own.

The best wood siding alternative is one that will give you the look of real wood, but with none of the issues and with no additional concerns. Steel, log-look siding is one option that can help set your home apart from the rest in style, while providing you with the look of real wood and none of the upkeep.

Style and Design

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Rustic design and log cabins have long been popular across the country. In fact, rustic modern design as home exteriors with a lot of texture and depth to them have been increasing in popularity over the last several years as well.

Log-look siding has the same texture, marks, grain, and style as real log homes. But because this is a cladding, rather than actual logs, it can be installed over any existing property, giving your home the look, style, and design you want, but without a lot of invasive demolition or remodeling to achieve.


While steel log-look siding has the same texture, marks, and spacing as real logs, it’s far more durable than real wood. Steel won’t absorb water or swell and warp over time. It doesn’t rot and resists insect activity and mold and mildew growth. It’s also fire resistant and won’t burn in the event of a nearby, exterior flame.

This durability helps set steel siding apart from other wood siding alternatives, like t1-11 plywood siding, vinyl, which can crack, warp, melt, and even drop right off the home exposing the envelope beneath.


Real log homes may be beautiful, but they require a great deal of upkeep and maintenance. The logs need to be pressure washed and stained on a regular basis to help prevent moisture infiltration, staining or darkening of the wood, and mold and mildew growth.

Steel log-look siding requires far less maintenance. The color or stain does not flake, peel, or discolor with time, so you don’t need to pressure wash and stain your home every few years. The steel is also easy to clean and won’t develop cracks or other flaws like wood will. It’s resistant to freeze/thaw cycles and won’t warp and melt in the heat of the sun.

Having steel log-look siding installed on your home means that you can spend more time enjoying your home and less time maintaining it.

Energy Efficiency

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Wood is a very poor insulator, which means that real wood log homes may have poorly built building envelopes that decrease the energy efficiency of the home. Steel log-look siding is installed over an insulation that fills the back of the siding, increasing the comfort levels of the home inside, and reducing energy consumption by stopping air infiltration – the biggest cause of energy loss in most homes.

Homes clad with steel log-look siding are therefore not only beautiful, but comfortable and more affordable to maintain as well.

Get the Best Wood Siding Alternative

While there are many wood siding alternatives on the market today, only steel log-look siding will give you the looks and style you want, combined with low maintenance, durable, and energy efficient design. Steel won’t crack or rot, and the color won’t peel or chip away. If you’re looking for an exterior cladding for your home that you can enjoy for year after year, while improving your curb appeal and your comfort inside, consider steel log-look siding for the job.

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