How to Get a Wood Pole Barn Look with Added Durability

Whether adding an extra garage to shelter vehicles or creating an additional barn for equipment storage, wood pole barn designs should be practical, aesthetically pleasing, and — above all — durable. The last thing homeowners want to worry about is their pole barn wood starting to rot, weather, and crumble. After all, wood pole barns are designed for providing the ultimate protection from the elements, yet basic wood pole barn plans often fall short of providing that steadfast safety and durability.

The good news is that there are many ways to enhance the durability of a wood pole barn. So, whether you’ve inherited an old pole barn that needs renovations or you’re building one from scratch, be sure to consider these tricks that can help dramatically improve the durability of a wood pole barn.

Wood Pole Barn Durability

Wood pole barns are used for a variety of purposes. Many rural property owners build wood pole barns to store farm equipment or use as hay barns. Some even include stalls and pens to keep horses, pigs, and other farm animals. It’s incredibly important that wood pole barn construction is performed with accuracy and high-quality materials so that the structure can be entrusted with the important job it’s intended for.

Unfortunately, many wood pole barns can become damaged over time, even from simple exposure to the elements. It can be difficult to keep natural wood strong when faced with snow, rain, and consistent sun exposure. Rotting and warping wood can quickly compromise the structural integrity of a basic pole barn, which is why it is extremely advantageous to reinforce wood pole barn designs in several different areas in order to help improve the structure’s durability overall.

Heavy-Duty Roofing

Corrugated metal roofing is a common choice for small wood pole barns that are used for a simple purpose, such as a carport or extra storage shed. Larger wood pole barn designs may be more likely to call for shingles or another roofing option. From metal to asphalt to rubber, different roofing materials offer different ranges of protection from the elements.

Regardless of the roofing material selected, it’s always best to choose a more durable option that is capable of standing up to the particular challenges of the property — whether that means selecting a product with superior UV protection for wood pole barns in full-sun lots, or going with an impact-resistant material that can withstand regular hail and snowstorms. In addition, always plan for proper drainage that leads water runoff away from the wood pole barn. Even small puddles at the foundation and excess moisture near the eaves can contribute to rotting and mildew, which can lead to serious damage.

High-Performance Siding

Pole barns with wood siding are typically the first exterior design idea to come to mind, but it’s worth considering alternative siding options if durability is the goal. Innovative companies like TruLog make heavy-duty steel siding products that look just like real wood, making them a perfect choice for traditional wood pole barn construction that strives for better performance. These steel siding products, which include board and batten designs among others, are incredibly strong and completely unsusceptible to moisture damage — possibly the greatest risk facing standard wood pole barns. Many of TruLog’s steel siding products capture the same beauty of natural wood, so it’s easy to get the recognizable look that most homeowners are going for when drafting wood pole barn plans.

Strengthen Interior with Steel Liners

One of the biggest mistakes that builders make is to install a basic wall, leaving the interior of the wood pole barn unfinished. Though adequate, it’s not the best decision for long-term performance. A smart way to add durability to a wood pole barn is to complete the interior by adding steel liners, insulation, and drywall. Though most wood pole barns don’t require a beautiful interior finish, adding these additional reinforcements can help make the space more comfortable.  Having a few extra layers also offers better protection from outdoor threats, like rodents, rather than just a single layer of OSB plywood. 

Concrete Flooring

Finally, adding concrete flooring can be a game-changer for wood pole barn designs that need a boost in durability. If left with exposed soil or gravel, excess moisture and dust buildup are inevitable. Concrete flooring allows homeowners to keep the space clean, well-ventilated, and cut down the risk of excess moisture leading to mildew growth or critters digging their way inside the wood pole barn structure.

Combine These Durable Features for the Best Result

All in all, traditional wood pole barns are not equipped to last without a significant amount of upkeep, maintenance, and repair from everyday exposure to the elements. Homeowners can change that by enhancing different parts of the pole barn, including the roof, the siding, the flooring, and the interior finish. The more these different components of the wood pole barn can be strengthened, the better the entire structure can perform overall. 

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