Metal Siding that Looks Just Like Wood

What is it about wood siding that makes a house instantly feel like a home? For most wood look siding enthusiasts, it’s exactly as it seems—the look of wood itself! New and old homeowners alike are drawn to exterior siding that looks like wood because of the welcoming, frontier-feel of the siding itself. From rustic cabins to suburban board and batten homes, wood siding is simply a classic exterior aesthetic that only gets better with time.

But in the modern era, we now have the luxury of using innovative building materials to achieve the artistic targets that we dream of. There’s no longer a need to rely on raw timber to get the look and feel of a brand new homestead on your land. The use of alternative building materials allows you to get wood look siding without all the work that wood requires. This is a game changer for homebuilders who want to feature exterior siding that looks like wood.

Real Wood Siding vs. Wood Look Siding

Beautiful Wood Grain Without the Work 2

In fact, real wood is incredibly susceptible to a variety of potential damages—many of which are completely out of the hands of even the most responsible homeowners. For example, years of moisture and humidity can cause real wood siding planks to experience warping and rotting. Sun damage can be a serious issue, too, causing significant fading that requires intensive repainting. In addition to the challenging outdoor elements, real wood can be quite a fire hazard, which is particularly problematic in hot, dry regions prone to wildfires.

It’s easy to see why everyone is turning to alternatives for exterior siding that looks like wood. TruLog’s steel siding is virtually maintenance-free, meaning it eliminates all of the most common upkeep issues that come along with traditional wood siding. And yet TruLog has managed to create a plethora of steel siding options that mimic the impeccable, dramatic beauty of natural woodgrain. Considering that the intricate appearance of woodgrain is the biggest draw for consumers to consider wood look siding, this is a considerable achievement in the world of progressive, smart homebuilding.

Style Options for Wood Look Siding

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TruLog has recently launched a new line of products that offer exterior siding that looks like wood. This new HD line expands on the standard options of wood look siding by offering impressive designs that mimic real wood grain with more advanced precision and detail. The versatility of exterior siding that looks like wood is exceptional. Not only does the new HD line offer incredibly realistic woodgrains, but there are many other stylistic options to explore as well. The rich assortment of wood look siding options allows you to create the perfect exterior for your home.

Without a question, the most exciting aspect of the new HD line of wood look siding is the close attention to detail that appears in every plank. While the standard line offers a more muted wood grain appearance, the HD line focuses on individual wood grain patterns to produce exterior siding with a much more distinct woodgrain. The significantly pronounced woodgrain elevates the appearance of a steel exterior siding that looks exactly like wood.

Beautiful Wood Grain Without the Work 4

Another great aspect of the new HD line is the fact that homebuilders aren’t locked into a one-size-fits-all approach to exterior siding. This line offers two different cuts: the rounded log cut and the board and batten cut. Individuals looking for a more cabin-style home will love the rounded log cut, as it takes the traditional form of logs carved from raw timber. The board and batten cut, on the other hand, will definitely draw in the interest of individuals who appreciate the unique aesthetic of prairie homes, farm houses, and modern coastal towns. No matter which cut you prefer, you’ll be confident in knowing that the wood look siding will resemble that of real timber while offering the security of steel.

Finally, the color options available in the new HD line are impressive. Ponderosa Pine HD, Western Cedar HD, and Dark Walnut HD are all fantastic options for wood look siding. There are even gray tones available as part of the HD line, including Weathered Gray HD, which pairs extremely well with charcoal and white trim. Clearly, the new HD line places an emphasis on realistic wood grain detail and color tones that will make it nearly impossible to distinguish from real wood. Just imagine all of the possibilities!

If you’re looking for exterior siding that looks like wood, why would you start anywhere else? With the dramatic wood grain detail included as part of TruLog’s new HD line, you’ll have a hard time considering real wood ever again! The maintenance-free aspect of this HD line of steel exterior siding that looks like wood is worth its weight in gold. Not only do you get the dramatic visual appearance of natural woodgrain, but it comes with the quality of steel siding that provides serious durability for your home’s exterior. It really is the best of both worlds!

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