Winter Living Checklist

If you’re living in a cabin – or even leaving it vacant for winter – there’s plenty that you’ll need to do to avoid problems in the spring. Here’s a winter maintenance checklist to make sure that your cabin gets through the colder months. 

Do a full clean

Make sure you clean not just inside but outside your cabin too. Clean the logs of your cabin, as a build-up of dirt over the winter could cause stains. If you fancy a siding that isn’t so prone to staining, check out what we offer at Tru Log Siding. 

Make sure that there are no gaps in your logs

Gaps in your logs are definitely not something that you want if you’re living in your cabin over winter! Your cabin will be much colder and draughtier, and you’ll quickly lose any heat if you have gaps. Use caulk to seal small cracks. 

Add insulation to your pipes

In the wintertime, pipes are prone to freezing. They could then end up bursting, leaving you with a plumbing emergency – and potentially no hot water in the coldest months of the year! Adding some simple insulation to your pipes will make this less likely to happen. 

Service your chimney

Getting a chimney service will ensure that there are no blockages, so you’ll be able to enjoy a roaring fire all Christmas long! It’s also a good idea to clean your fireplace and ensure that you have enough fire-friendly wood and coal to keep it burning. 

Clean all gutters

Gutters are hotspots for ice accumulation in the winter. Clean them before the winter, and throughout if you can, to avoid debris getting iced over and gutter blockages. This could result in flooding around your cabin, so it’s an imperative part of maintenance!

These simple steps will keep your cabin livable all year round!

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