winter blues into spring flowers

When the last frost of the year melts, it’s time to redecorate your cabin! Spring decor generally involves lots of flowers and light colors as you move away from the darkness and cold weather of winter into the milder months. Here are our top picks for spring decor around your cabin. 

Plenty of flowers

You might opt for hanging baskets with natural flowers or even the fake variety (they don’t need to be changed if you do, making them more appealing for some people). Either way, Spring is the season of flowers, so make sure that you have plenty on your porch and around your cabin. 

The right light

Installing some lighting on your porch for springtime is a great idea. Nights can still be a little dark, but you might want to start sitting out in the evening. Opt for a gentle light that works well with the surroundings, rather than a harsh bulb. 

Personalized welcome mat

A welcome mat is always lovely, but a personalized one will give your cabin that extra homely touch. Leaving it outside your door, on your porch, will also give your space that wonderful ‘inside-outside’ feeling. 

Fairy lights

As the nights start drawing out, you’ll need these later and later, but fairy lights never fail to give a wonderful atmosphere to your decking – and all over your cabin. They accentuate different parts – you could put some around your flower pots, for example, to make them stand out – but work together to provide a wonderful gentle glow. 

Rocking chair

Chances are, you’ll be spending much longer on your decking come Spring. Investing in a high-quality rocking chair will help you enjoy those long days and nights outside, being at one with the forest. 

As you can see, there are loads of ways to decorate your cabin for Spring!

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