White Lap Siding Design Ideas

Stunning White Lap Siding Design Ideas You Should Know

White lap siding is a consistent favorite for home designers, simply because it provides a wide range of aesthetic styles. From eclectic farmhouse charm to modern minimalist oases, white lap siding delivers timeless character that can be modified to express a plethora of design ideas. Plus, mixing and matching white lap siding with other features can open up an entirely new realm of possibilities.

Like the look of white lap but not sure how to make it feel like home? Explore some of the most popular approaches to white lap siding and learn how you can integrate this fresh exterior into your own project plans.

White Lap Siding

A Timeless Style That Always Feels Fresh

Lap siding is considered a traditional exterior style for residential homes. Though there are a few different types, lap siding typically consists of long, flat beams installed horizontally with a slight overlap. This overlap creates a shadow line which adds modest texture to the home’s appearance.

Lap siding comes in many colors, but white lap remains one of the most classic styles that never ceases to impress — even in the modern era! Colors in the realm of white — including off-white, eggshell, and pure white — tend to have a crisp, clean appearance. The freshness of white lap siding evokes a sense of welcome, sophistication, and light, which all resonate well for establishing a feeling of home.

Also, white lap siding is easy to integrate with a variety of other colors. Because of its neutrality, white lap siding goes well with other light tones, neutrals, and bold hues, too. Whether creating strong color contrast or a palette that exists within a single color family, white lap siding pairs well with almost any color and any texture, including millwork, stone features, and other elements.

The same is true from an architectural standpoint as well. White lap siding works well on ranch homes, modern structures, colonial architecture, homes from the arts and crafts movement, and more. Old homes can get an instant refresh with white lap, and many developers have used white lap siding on new builds, too. Nothing is off limits when it comes to white lap siding!

Take a look at a few examples that show off the design potential of white lap siding:

White-Out with White Fascia and Roof Trim

White-Out with White Fascia and Roof Trim

Using white throughout the exterior can create a soothing, comprehensive look. Here, white lap siding is complemented with white soffit, white fascia, white roof trim, and white trim around the windows and door. This single-color approach allows other features to take the spotlight. Look at how the arched windows pop against an all-white palette.

White Lap with Black Shutters — A Classic

White Lap with Black Shutters — A Classic

An absolute classic, this color combo works on a wide range of architectural styles, ultimately bringing out a more provincial, countryside charm that still looks polished. White lap siding already has a clean and crisp appearance, but this effect is enhanced even more when contrasted with jet black shutters. Offering wonderful visual balance, the combination of white lap siding with black shutters is considered a classic — and this style isn’t going anywhere!

White Lap Siding with Stone

White Lap Siding with Stone

Adding texture is a popular approach in today’s homebuilding market. Texture can be created with many different raw materials, but stonework is a particularly beautiful addition to white lap siding. Usually featured along the foundation or as columns near the entryway, smooth gray or beige stones look great against white lap siding, and add exceptional character. 

Dark Trim with White Lap

Dark Trim with White Lap

White lap siding can also look great with a bold, dark trim color. Because the contrast can be quite strong, it is recommended to use the same trim color in different areas of the exterior. For example, notice how the door and the soffit feature an identical brown tone. This design strategy helps create a cohesive look — one that can beautify small living spaces and large homes alike.

Long-Lasting White Lap Steel Siding From TruLog

No matter what your style preference, choosing a durable lap siding product is key to getting a beautiful exterior that will last in the long run. Compared with other colors, white lap siding is at an even greater risk of showing blemishes, damage, and mold because of its light tone. This makes it even more important to get a durable product that can withstand the elements and continue to express a beautiful appearance.

TruLog maintenance-free white lap steel siding is designed to look amazing year after year. Built with a steel core, TruLog siding brings increased durability and weather resistance, so you can enjoy the awesome curb appeal of white lap siding without all the worries about how it might hold up. Whether you’re remodeling an old structure and installing fresh lap or you’re building a new home from the ground up, TruLog is a reliable resource for attractive siding products.

Ready to get white lap siding that is entirely maintenance-free? Download our Lap Siding Buyers Guide today to explore the options!

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