There are two trends that have been growing in popularity for the last several years – the farmhouse-style home and a white exterior. Farmhouses are technically defined as a home built in a rural area, usually farmland, with several distinguishing features such as a front porch, a large, functional kitchen, and a simple roof structure.

White Farmhouse Board & Batten

Many homeowners have begun to realize that this style has a lot of benefits, and so the style has begun to grow in popularity. At the same time, white exteriors have also taken off, with white ranking as one of the top two colors recommended for home exteriors at time of resale. When you combine these two styles, you get a beautiful, fresh, clean looking home with a lot of appeal.

However, white siding for farmhouses are not all exactly the same. When choosing the best farmhouse siding material, make sure that you’re considering the durability of the material and how easy it is to maintain and keep clean in a rural environment. 

Siding Styles for Farmhouses

Board and Batten White Farmhouse

Farmhouses can be clad in nearly any style or material, and traditionally, one of the most common styles was board and batten siding. This style of siding first came into use for farmhouses around the time that mill yards were first introduced in the country.

Long planks of wood were installed vertically over the exterior. The joins between the boards were covered with a thin strip of wood known as a batten, which gives the siding its distinctive appearance. Because farmhouses were working properties, board and batten siding was frequently seen as the lowest maintenance material of the time; it didn’t need to be chinked or tended to the way that log homes did. 

Anyone wanting to get a true, authentic look for their farmhouse today should consider the board and batten style. It’s just as attractive now as it was then, but with new technologies and materials available, it’s even more durable and lower in maintenance than it was when it was first introduced. 

Choosing a Siding Material For Your Farmhouse

White Farmhouse Siding

In addition to the style for your white farmhouse, you’ll also want to consider the material itself. Board and batten siding can be found in several different materials including the original wood it was first made from. Not all of these materials are going to have the same durability, maintenance, or longevity, so they need to be carefully considered.

White really looks best when it’s clean and freshly done. White painted wood tends to peel and start chipping within just a few years as the UV rays from the Sun begin breaking it down. This means that your modern white farmhouse will begin to look more shabby than contemporary within a short period of time. It also means that you’ll need to spend a lot of time and money on the upkeep of the exterior, scraping and painting every few years. 

At the same time, white siding tends to show dirt easily. Since farmhouses are located in rural areas, they attract more dust and dirt than homes located in suburban areas. Your siding should also be easy to clean and to keep clean. Otherwise your farmhouse will begin to dull in color after a very short time. 

Of the available materials for creating a board and batten style farmhouse facade, only steel siding can truly meet these needs. Steel siding doesn’t peel or chip the way that wood and even fiber cement does. The color lasts for the life of the siding, so you don’t need to worry about needing to repaint every few years. It’s also easy to clean and to keep clean, because while it is textured to appear like wood, it isn’t rough and won’t attract and hang onto dirt particles like some other siding materials. 

In addition, steel siding is durable. Even if your farmhouse isn’t a working one, you don’t want to have to worry about some of the concerns that sidings face in rural areas such as hail, extreme cold, or impact from anything from a stray baseball to a tree limb. Steel siding holds up to all of these things beautifully without denting, cracking, or warping the way that other materials might. 

Get the Best White Farmhouse Siding Material – Board & Batten

White Board & Batten Modern Farmhouse

Whether you’re creating a modern farmhouse or you want to create an authentic looking retro style, using a white, board and batten siding can give you the appearance and style you’re looking for. When you use steel siding to achieve your goals, you’re also going to get the durability and low maintenance care that will help your farmhouse look its best for many years to come. Visit TruLog to learn more about their durable and attractive steel siding and invest in a quality material for your farmhouse design.

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