What’s Your Dining Room Going to Look Like Now That Your House Is Covered In Faux Log Siding?

Over the past few months, we’ve been detailing the various ways you can make your interior look more like a log cabin now that the exterior of your home is covered in faux log siding. After all, if you’re interested in siding that looks like wood, it’s likely that you’re interested in making the rest of your home look a little more rustic too. Take a look back at our previous blogs and we’ve detailed how you can make a living room, bedroom, bathrooms, and basement all a bit more cabin-like.

But we’re not stopping there. In fact, there are still a number of rooms we’d like to help you decorate so that you can enjoy the rustic look as much as possible, including the garage, spare bedrooms, pantry, and dining room. It’s this last one that we’re going to take a look at today as we find out how you can surround yourself with cabin goodness while you formally dine.

The Table

There’s no doubt that the table will be the centerpiece of your dining room. Make it as big as you can, because you want to show off the wood. And wood it shall be! We’re not talking about something cheap from Ikea, or even something nice from a fancy furniture store. No, you need something that will match your cabin decor, something that screams “rustic.”

Now it doesn’t necessarily have to be rough-hewn or anything like that. The top will most likely be smooth, because you have to have a place to put your milk down so that it won’t spill, right? But while the top is smooth, the edges can be rough and irregular. There’s also a good chance that the legs will be made of logs, but they don’t have to be. It all depends on how rustic you want it to be. This table is a good example of something we could definitely see in a house after it’s had metal log siding installed.

If you have the ability, why not make it yourself? You’re sure to be proud of your accomplishment, and you’ll get to decide exactly how big you want it. Before you build it (or buy it) just make sure that it will fit through your front door! These tables can be huge.

The Chairs

Of course, when you have a table you’re going to need chairs. Even people who build their own table often just go out and buy their chairs, for the simple reason that the table is one of a kind, but all of the chairs pretty much have to match each other! If you have the ability, go for it. But don’t be ashamed if you have to purchase the chairs.

The Chandelier

Much like with the great room, you’ll have your choice of chandeliers to go over your new dining room table. When it comes to log cabin decor, you pretty much have two choices: antlers, or no antlers!

Even if the rest of your home has a decor that skews toward using antlers and stuffed heads, you might want to think twice before going with an antler chandelier in the dining room. After all, the only bones that most people want to see when they’re eating are on a t-bone steak, which means that antlers might not be something they want to have hanging over their heads for the entire meal.

If you don’t go with antlers, you still have quite a few choices. For instance, there are always the wagon wheel chandeliers, but those are mostly if you have an “old west” decor going. There are also wrought iron lighting options that would look equally good in a log cabin or in a medieval castle. And, of course, there are the old standbys of steel chandeliers that have some sort of woodsy look them, whether it’s an elk or a bear or a moose. Look hard enough and we’re sure you’ll find a perfect chandelier for over your new table.

Runners and Placemats

Not everyone is familiar with the idea of table runners, so if you’re not, just know that they are long strips of cloth that are usually placed lengthwise down the table. They’re not tablecloths, because they’re not wide enough. They’re mostly decorative, but they do have the advantage of being able to put heavy serving dishes in the center of the table while not scratching the table. While you might not use a table runner every day, we’re sure you can find some that are more rustic to add a bit of flair to your big wood table.

The same goes for placemats. Are they a necessity for you and your guests to be able to enjoy a meal? No. But are they another way that you can decorate and sell the idea of your rustic interior now that you have faux log siding on the outside of your home? Absolutely.

A Centerpiece

When people think of centerpieces, they often think of Thanksgiving. But centerpieces can be used throughout the year. Maybe you have a favorite piece of western sculpture that you picked up at an art show, or perhaps a basket in which you keep pine cones. With such a large table, a centerpiece on the runner can be a nice way to add visual interest.


If you have hardwood floors under your table, a rug might be a good addition. Not only will it protect your floors from scratches when the table is bumped, but it will also ensure that the chairs aren’t scratching the floors every time someone sits down. You won’t be surprised to know that there are many rug options out there that have a rustic feel to them that would be perfect for your dining room.

Place Settings

Once people had their fine china and their everyday dinnerware. Today, as fewer people are interested in china, that space in the cupboard can now house other types of specialty dining ware. Take these pieces, which are absolutely gorgeous and certainly convey the feeling of living in a log home.

With your outside looking more like a log cabin thanks to our metal log siding, we hope we’ve gotten you excited about decorating your dining room!

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