What to Know About Pine Beetle Wood

One of the most important things about building or revamping a cabin is deciding on the flooring.

Most cabin owners choose hardwood flooring that reflects the rustic and rural nature of the setting. This blog post will look at beetle kill pine, a type of hardwood that you can use for flooring or the walls in your cabin.

What is beetle kill pine?

Beetle kill pine is wood that comes from a particular type of tree. These trees are dead, killed by mountain pine beetles that spread around the forest. However, while the tree dies, the wood is actually not damaged at all. What you get instead is a marbled effect with different tones of brown, blue, and gray. It’s a really unique wood to use to embellish the floor or walls of your cabin.

Why use beetle kill pine?

There are numerous benefits to using beetle kill pine in your cabin.

One is that the light color of the wood can help to make small spaces seem larger. This means that it is perfect for your cabin, which might be small and cozy – beetle kill pine will give it a new appearance.

Another is that the different shades of the wood give the place more character. You could use beetle kill pine for a feature wall or the flooring of one room – it will make a statement and complement other, more neutral decorations perfectly.

How to treat beetle kill pine

You should treat beetle kill pine just like you treat any other wood; as the wood itself is not affected by the beetles, it is not different to other types of wood. However, you can also stain it to add more color and complexity. This involves using various dyes to bring out even more colors.

Beetle kill pine is an excellent choice for decorating your cabin!

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