Weed-Whacking: Keeping Your Cabin Looking Great

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There’s a reason you chose to have a cabin out in the wilds. We’re willing to guess it’s because the wilds are gorgeous. Being outside with the trees and flowers really makes a difference, and having your cabin be a part of the wilderness makes it just that much better.

It’s not about letting the weeds take over

It’s not about letting the weeds take over– it’s about keeping your property in the shape it was when you fell in love with it. At the same time, however, there’s nothing quite like having your own property to landscape, unless you prefer watching the good folk that work in lawn service in Maineville, Ohio take over. If you’re like us, you know that your land would look that much better with a nice garden, a patio, and maybe a couple of flower beds. Likewise, you bought a cabin to spend time outdoors; if your lake is choked with weeds, or your yard is full of thistles, it’s gonna be hard to spend time outside doing the things you love.

That’s why we here at TruLog recommend the middle path. If you’re looking to open up some space on your property for recreation or beauty, we say “go for it!” But in order to keep your property as gorgeous as it was when you bought it, you may want to follow a few quick guidelines.

First, make sure you’re not overdoing it.

If you like birds in your backyard, then make sure that you don’t take out too many of the plants they use to nest or eat. Some of those pesky, thorny shrubs make for perfect hiding spots for birds, which in turn keep the mosquitos down on those beautiful summer nights on your back deck. Likewise, if you want a spot in your lake to swim or boat, by all means you should clear a patch of those slimy plants that keep gumming up your dock. But also keep in mind that those weeds keep the silt down, keep the population of fish healthy, and keep your water clear and clean.

Second, consider the ways you’re taking care of the weeds and unwanted pests. If you’re using chemicals, you might want to do so sparingly. Herbicides and pesticides are deadly chemicals, and chances are they’ll end up affecting more than just the thistles and mice. It’s better all around to take out the weeds manually– clearing the space by hand is a much more cost-effective and efficient way to give yourself some room without spending money or doing accidental damage to the plants you want to keep. And all it takes is a little elbow-grease!

Finally, consider the things you’re planting to replace the weeds you’ve pulled up. Ask around for information about best-practices and care of your plants. If you’re near a town, chances are there’ll be a plant nursery or landscaping company you can ask for more information about how to keep your plants alive, and how to preserve the beauty of your property. There are dozens of beautiful native plants you can grow, and since they’re suited to the climate, it’ll take less money to care for them.

We here at TruLog care about your cabin. If you’d like some advice on best-practices, feel free to contact us— we’re the log home experts you were looking for!

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