Warm Up your Winter Wedding with a Rustic Log Cabin Theme

christmas wedding photo We’ve all seen cheerful, floral spring weddings, or warm, sunny summer ones. We’ve even seen beautiful autumn weddings decked with changing leaves. But having a winter wedding doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected to the beautiful outdoors! If you’re looking for a rustic, woodsy winter wedding theme that won’t leave you and your guests frozen, a log cabin wedding could be just the ticket. Here are some tips for putting together a cozy log cabin wedding to warm hearts on your special day.

Log Cabin Decor

Decorations can set each wedding apart and make it unique, no matter how many other weddings have shared a theme, color palette, or venue. To drive home a cozy cabin theme, try decorating with evergreen garlands, pine cones, and holly.

Including cinnamon sticks in your centerpieces, place settings, or favors will not only look lovely, but will bring a rich, homey scent to your venue. Mistletoe could also be a sweet, romantic touch. Or, try giving the classic pillar candle a rustic touch by wrapping it in a holiday wreath, or enclosing it in a lantern. And if you really want to go the extra mile, faux snow can give any decoration a frosty look!

Serve Hot Drinks

A hot cider or hot cocoa bar is a cozy, cold-weather twist on your average wedding drinks. You can provide options for guests to spice up their side or cocoa with cinnamon sticks or peppermints. You can even replace the typical wine or champagne with some boozy hot drink additions, like rum or peppermint schnapps. And of course, don’t forget the mini marshmallows!

Customized mugs could be a memorable keepsake, and a great way to both serve up refreshments and remind friends and family of the happy occasion.

Deck the Bride

The snow-white wedding dress doesn’t have to be the only winter-themed element of the bride’s look! Try bringing holly or pine cones into the bouquet to tie it into the rest of the decor. And nobody wants to be chilly on their wedding day — a fur or faux fur shrug will give any wedding gown a woodsy touch, not to mention ward off the winter chill.

And the venue, of course!

No log cabin wedding could be complete without a log cabin, of course! The key to a rustic winter wedding is the cozy hideaway where it takes place. There are plenty of log cabin-esque venues for rent,
but if you want to keep things a little closer to home, consider transforming your own home into the log cabin of your dreams — not just for the wedding, but for life!

TruLog steel siding gives you that log cabin look without the maintenance. Click here to learn more about this affordable alternative to log siding.

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