Updating Doors for Your Rustic Home

Let’s face it, doors can take a beating. Any home with a family will often take some abuse, and if you have an older home the doors may not be in great shape. Hollow core doors have been the rage for the last half century or so. When they were originally designed a smooth hollow core door was a sleek alternative to the vintage multi paneled doors many vintage farmhouses had. Owners in the 50s, 60s or 70s may have seen this as an upgrade and replaced the classic doors that are sought after now. Over the years these fragile doors may have been abused with scratches, dents, holes and other cosmetic problems. Here are some tips on making these old doors look good to restore the look you want in your rustic home or log cabin.

Gel Stain For A New Look

Gel stain is a hybrid between a traditional oil stain and a thin paint. This unique combination can be very versatile. It allows a homeowner to decide how much prep work they want to do. A full sanding will be great, but just applying the gel stain over a scuffed finish will also work. Typically two to three coats applied with a staining pad can give very good results. The other great thing about gel stain is it’s consistency. It can be applied on a door that’s still on it’s hinges. Being a little thicker than a traditional stain or even many paints, giving a rich wood look can be accomplished without taking the doors down.

Add Dimension

Flat hollow core doors were very mid century modern, but in your log cabin or rustic home they may not achieve the look you want. This can be fixed by adding some dimension. Faux panels can be created using some trim. Just use a miter saw to cut the trim into square panels and attach them to the door with some wood adhesive. If panels aren’t the right look, a shaker style can be created by using 1/4 inch plywood to add some depth to the doors. There’s a great tutorial for this here: diy shaker door.

New Door Hardware

New Hardware is a great detail that can bring out your new doors. Often times the finish wears off of doorknobs. Hinges get painted over the years. Latches stop latching securely. Purchasing new knobs and hinges for doors can give a great look and even give the doors a more solid feel as they open and close. New knobs can run from as low as $15 to $20 per set to upwards of $100 for some amazing high quality unique hardware. Just refreshing the hardware on a door can give a whole new look and there are plenty of vendors creating unique high quality choices.

Pick up some salvage

Your local architectural salvage or used building materials supplier may have just the unique door you are looking for to set your log home apart. Salvage doors from churches, banks or office buildings can give a memorable appearance to your entryway. While replacing doors with something salvaged could be a daunting project, it could definitely take your home to the next level.

Rustic Doors for your Log Home

Updating the doors are a great way to make your home more rustic. Another great way to get a classic home is with TruLog steel siding. Both our Steel Log Siding and Steel Board & Batten Siding are great looking, great performing choices that will make your home look good for years to come.

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