A TruLog™ Home vs. a True Log Home

416312921_da7fca7647_z Log homes can be rich in character, but they are not without drawbacks when compared with conventional homes. TruLog™ uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the rustic beauty of a traditional log cabin with the amenities of modern home materials.

TruLog™ or True Logs

A log home may be built using a number of woods, from cedar to pine to spruce. The life of a log home depends on a number of factors, including how the wood is harvested, dried, stored and treated prior to the home’s construction; after the home is built, that wood must be regularly inspected, resealed and repaired to preserve the structural integrity of the home.

TruLog is an inventive steel siding system that replicates the contours, grain and hew lines of natural logs. Unlike natural wood, TruLog will not crack or rot; and unlike other siding options, TruLog features a foam underlayment that offers superior insulative properties and impact resistance.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Log homes must be thoroughly and carefully cleaned each year to protect against dust, pollen, mold and pests. Log buildings should also be inspected each year to check the state of the wood, structural components and chinking; depending on the location and condition of the home, log cabins may require resealing and refinishing every year to five years.

TruLog, on the other hand, is essentially maintenance-free. TruLog is easy to clean with a simple rinse from a standard garden hose. The coated steel used in TruLog is resistant to stains and wear, and TruLog is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Energy Efficiency

With time, temperature changes and exposure to the elements, the wood in log homes expands and contracts, which can cause progressive cracks in the wood and erode the chinking. This can make log homes susceptible to air leaks, making it difficult to keep your log home warm in the cold months and cool in the hot months.

TruLog siding is lined with contoured foam backing, which helps improve the energy efficiency of the already highly rated steel exterior. TruLog makes it easier for you to maintain a consistent temperature in your home—and save on your energy bills—all year long.

If you’re considering a log home or log-like siding for an existing structure, please contact TruLog online or call us at 970-646-4490 to learn more about the advantages of the TruLog system. TruLog is based in Loveland, Colorado, but we ship nationwide and work with installers in multiple states, including Colorado, Wyoming and Missouri.

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TruLog Product Catalog

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