A Traveling Roadside Attraction: Allen’s Redwood Log House

redwood photo Considering a road trip this summer? Long, warm, sunny days are a perfect reason to see a part of the country you’ve never seen before. From coast to coast, America is prized for its national treasures, and for its off-the-beaten-tracks oddities. Allen’s Redwood Log House is one such attraction that you may want to put on your wish list. Experience a different kind of California log home when you visit this traveling house. Based out of Tarpon Springs, Florida, this genuine redwood log home tours the country for people from all over to enjoy the magnitude of the 1,900-year-old tree. This unique attraction is unlike any log home you’ve ever seen.

One of the oldest Traveling Roadside Attractions in America

Allen’s Redwood Log House is made from a giant California redwood, and was the fourth log cut from the tree. Consider these other facts about the home:

  • Built from a single, 1,900-year-old California redwood
  • Hand-built in the course of a year by two men in 1939
  • Hand-carved interior
  • Three rooms inside

California redwoods can live up to 2,000 years and reach up to 378 feet tall, according to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Allen’s Redwood Log House stood 267 feet high in its day, and measured 14 feet in diameter where it was cut. Giant sequoias also reach heights of hundreds of feet, but tend to grow not quite as tall. Sequoias are typically larger in size and volume than the taller redwoods. The largest sequoia currently is known as General Sherman, stands 275-feet tall, has a 100-foot wide base, and weighs a massive 2.7 million pounds.

The age of Allen’s log home, and the even older tree from which it was built, is testament to the longevity capable with this type of housing material. Just like the trees, log houses can survive for generations, continuing to provide the warmth and comfort of home for decades.

Building your own Log-Sided Abode

Log homes come in many different styles and personalities. From Allen’s Original Redwood Log House to luxury mountain homes, logs create the dream abodes of many different people. Log structures also require a great deal of maintenance. Even Allen’s log house features prominently a sign asking visitors to refrain from touching the wood, so as the prevent body oils from adding to the deterioration of the wood.

If you’ve always wanted a log home but not the upkeep that comes with it, consider TruLog™ steel log siding. This maintenance-free siding has the look of natural wood, but does not need re-staining, re-sealing or any other routine care.

To get an estimate for TruLog™ steel log siding for your project, please contact us online or call us at 970-646-4490.

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