Top Themes for Your Log Cabin Makeover

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Log cabins have the reputation of being staid and a little bit on the boring side. However, you can give a makeover to your log cabin to suit your style.

You can spruce up your log cabin in eclectic fashion or may pick up a theme for more coordinated looks. Choosing a theme will ensure that various elements of your log cabin are in perfect harmony. Here are the top recommendations to give a completely new look and feel to your trusty old cabin.

Modern Minimalistic Log Cabin:

while log cabins are known for their rustic appeal and tend to be crammed with memorabilia, it is possible to give them a modern look as well.
You can choose to paint a part of the cabin in modern paint colors, which will allow you to the break the monotony of plain wood. However, if you wanted to keep your log cabin true to its natural roots, then you may want to choose to stain it instead painting your log cabin.

By just changing the stain pattern of wood in your cabin, you can give it a unique new appeal. For modern styling, you can choose lighter stains, which will also give your cabin more open look. There are several DIY kits available in the market for staining wood. These kits will let you save your time and money.

Industrial Log Cabin:

it is quite possible to give your cabin a new look with some industrial styling. The main aim of this theme is to select streamlined looks which are not heavy on your senses. For this purpose, you can choose the décor with more modern edge to it.

For example, if you like to decorate your cabin with game trophies, then you can swap them with a modern take on taxidermy. Such faux taxidermy items not only look terrific but are also wildlife friendly.

You can also use more modern versions of other elements such as a fireplace and furniture. For these items, you may still stick to wood and other natural materials to retain the basic feel of your log cabin. However, their modern styling will provide a unique touch to your dwelling.

Alternative Material Log Cabin:

Log cabins, as the name implies, are generally made of wood. However, you can give it a new look by incorporating other natural materials such as mud and river rocks. This type of makeover is also pocket friendly as you are only required to provide a veneer of new looks on your existing frame.

You may choose to give a mud coating to one of your walls. This type of coating may be indoors or outdoors, to correlate with your style or predilections. In addition, you may cover your walls or floors with river rocks, which can give your cabin a unique look instantaneously.

Final Thoughts

You can also increase the profit potential of your log cabins with these alterations. The use of new sidings such as trulog sidings can also make your cabin more secure and robust.
These pocket friendly, yes, some people’s pockets are deeper than others so everyone has to evaluate their financial situation, changes will make your cabin more fun and longer lasting.

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