Top Reason to Visit Colorado During Mud Season

Colorado is one of the top touristic destinations in the US. However, the state is worth a visit even more in mud season and this has nothing to do with those island native mud looking people in that ridiculous Peter Jackson King Kong movie. If you are wondering what this mud season is, then let us assure you that this season is nothing like it sounds.
Mud season refers to that period when the touristic activities drop down in the area. In other words, it is the offseason in Colorado.

What Makes Mud Season Great in Colorado:

Mud season is characterized by warmer weather, while the snow is still melting. This is the time when the state has not been dominated by grass and wildflower yet. The mud caused by melting snow is the reason behind this odd sounding name. However, the place is very tranquil during this time as most of the tourists are already gone and the next batch has yet to arrive.

This window of the period between Mid-April and Late May is an excellent time to visit Colorado. Ski towns such as Steamboat Springs, Aspen and Vail are bereft of thronging crowds and you can enjoy their natural beauty in a calm manner. You have all the space to enjoy yourself. However this is not all, there are several other reasons why you should head to Colorado during mud season and it is not just because you want to avoid watching another terrible Star Wars or Jurassic Park movie!

It is Cheaper:

Colorado during the mud season is not only peaceful but is also a lot cheaper than peak season. Since tourists have departed, most of the resorts and hotels are more than happy to give you a robust discount on lodgings.

You also get to pick your favorite places to stay as you don’t need to compete with thousands of other tourists. While some places may cut down on their services, but you can still enjoy a large number of amenities at heavily discounted prices.

Superb Camping Opportunity:

Colorado, during mud season, provides an excellent camping opportunity for anyone (and yes, your dog will love to camp!). Just don’t have too many s’mores – that is very unhealthy! Many of these camping sites are drive through and thus, convenient to reach. You also do not need to negotiate your way through the touristic crowds. Medano Creek is one of such exquisite places.

It features relatively mild weather and provides excellent natural beauty. Here, you can indulge in various activities such as tubing in the creek (where a life preserver!). You will find most of the touristic spots crowd-free, letting you enjoy them in a regal manner. Hey, we have lower taxes now, there is no excuse not to travel a little more!

Set your Own Pace: During the mud season, you can enjoy Colorado the way you want to. You do not need to wait in long queues to visit your favorite spots. The streets are relatively empty and calm. All the services are faster and more personalized.

You may also plan an overnight trip to the mountains.

If you are a biking enthusiast, then mud season offers you many opportunities for such adventures. Some of the most popular routes are Rabbit Ears Pass and the River Road alongside the Yampa River. You may also go off-road to enjoy the true natural beauty of Colorado. However, make sure you choose appropriate bikes.

You may even be able to sign up for an ATV tour!

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