Top 4 FAQs Homeowners Have About Painting CedarShingle Siding

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Cedar shingle siding is a popular home building material and has been traditionally used to protect exterior walls and rooftops for centuries. The natural oils present in cedar make it safe against damage from weather and insect infestations. And while a number of homeowners like using unpainted cedar, however, painted cedar shingles are just as popular. In fact, painted cedar shingles can easily last for decades if they are professionally done.

As a homeowner, whether your property is new or old, if you are interested in painting cedar shingle siding for your home, then here are some frequently asked questions that you might want to go through.

4 FAQs on Painting Cedar Shingles

What are the advantages of painting vs. staining cedar shingle sidings?
This is one of the most commonly asked questions from homeowners. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, if you are opening the door to paint your cedar shingle sidings and if the job is done well, then the wood will enjoy excellent protection against degradation from the sunlight.

The most important aspect to remember here is that all six sides of the siding should be painted which also includes the back to prevent moisture from penetrating the wood.

If you do select stain cedar shingle sidings, what you need to know is that moisture will enter and leave the wood as the weather changes.

If the stain you are going to use has strong UV protection, then the cedar shingle siding will have adequate protection through the year. However, you will need to continue the maintenance on a fairly regular basis. Also, it is important to note that staining cedar shingle sidings does not necessarily provide protection against crackling caused due to changing weather.

1. Why do some sections of old, unpainted cedar shingle siding look darker than the rest?

If you find this kind of discoloration, the most common reason is probably due to extractive bleeding or what is known as tannin staining and damage from mildew growth. Moisture is a prime culprit in most cases and it is best to check for and address any moisture issues quickly.

2. Is it possible to DIY a cedar shingle siding paint job?

While a number of homeowners might take on painting their cedar shingle sidings as a DIY project, the process is complicated and requires in-depth know-how about removing tannin staining. It is recommended that you seek professional help to ensure the staining is done correctly and or to fix any existing problems.

3. Is it ok to paint cedar shingle siding without priming it first?

Yes and no. In principal it is ok to go ahead with painting cedar without priming it first. However, any professional expert will strongly advise against it. The reason being, when you use a primer with a paint top coat, the finish lasts longer and is more resistant to damage. Furthermore, when you apply a primer coat, it acts as an adhesive to hold the paint to the surface reducing the chances of the paint peeling off or quickly bubbling.

4. Is there a time-frame to follow when painting cedar shingles?

Yes, there is a prudent time-frame to complete the job. Painting should be completed within two weeks, and in any case, the time-frame should not exceed twelve weeks. If the twelve week period is exceeded, then the cedar siding’s ability to hold on to primer and paint coating weakens considerably.

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