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One of the advantages of the TruLog™ steel siding system over traditional log exteriors is that it provides exceptional insulation. In fact, we are often asked about installing TruLog for its insulation properties, as well as its versatility in covering existing exteriors.

Questions about Log-Like Siding?

Log homes, especially those with aged wood or that have gone without routine maintenance, often come with high energy costs. TruLog offers the rustic aesthetics of an authentic log home, but with improved energy efficiency, thanks in part to its foam-backed panels.

When building or renovating a log home, cabin or rental cottage, owners often seek superior insulation to traditional logs in order to reduce maintenance costs and energy expenses, and to maintain consistent, comfortable temperatures indoors. Common questions about the use of TruLog to enhance a cabin’s insulative value include:

  • Can an aging log cabin have its exterior insulated with foam then covered with TruLog?
  • Can TruLog be installed over existing siding?
  • Can TruLog be used as a replacement siding where insulation is present?

The answer is generally “yes.” However, each structure and situation is different. Give us a call at 970-646-4490, and we can help you determine if TruLog is a good option for your unique needs.

TruLog™ has the Answers

To compensate for inadequate weatherproofing on vintage log cabins, some homeowners pursue the possibility of simply insulating the exterior, covering it with foil-backed foam, and siding over it with a log-like system such as TruLog. In these cases, it’s advisable to first apply oriented strand board (OSB)—the wood particle board that’s a staple of home construction and renovation—to act as a framed wall. The OSB can then be more effectively insulated under the foam, and it provides the flat exterior needed to attach siding.

TruLog can also be installed over existing siding, or over frames where there is already insulation. When covering an existing layer of siding, however, it’s important to ensure that there is no moisture or rot present behind the old siding or insulation.

If you’re considering a log-like siding system for a current structure, the ideal scenario for long-term energy efficiency and durability would be to remove the existing exterior, use a house wrap insulation to seal the home, and add ice and water shields as appropriate. TruLog would then be installed, its foam-insulated panels and rugged steel exterior providing augmented R-value and energy efficiency.

To learn more about the innovative, maintenance-free TruLog system, please contact TruLog online or call us at 970-646-4490. TruLog is based in Loveland, Colorado, but we ship nationwide and work with installers in states that include Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Texas.

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