Tips for Living in a Small Cabin

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Let’s face it. Most cabins aren’t known for being spacious. Sure, there are the sprawling lodges that we all love to drool over, but the average cabin owner has a home with a small footprint. Many log cabins are in the 500-600 square foot range, which would be on the small side for an apartment. The average new US home is 2,600 square feet.

So how do you live in a tiny log cabin, even for the summer or while in vacation? Here are a few tips for surviving a log cabin.

Simplify Your Life

Modern life is full of conveniences, from Kitchen Gadgets to electronics to multiple sets of bed sheets. We seem to need lots of stuff, and living minimalist takes a lot of effort. If you are spending time in a log cabin, simplify your life. Get rid of some stuff, or pack less. You are there to relax, so take along the bare essentials and leave all the extras (unless it’s your fishing gear).

Multipurpose Space

American homes have become so large we are able to parcel out space for many different uses. We have laundry rooms, TV rooms, kitchens, sunrooms, bedrooms, man caves, she sheds, craft rooms, toy rooms, the list is endless. This wasn’t always the way people lived. Many cabins were built in a time where the kitchen, living area, and bedrooms were all one space. No walk-in closets and master baths, and you know what, that’s OK. Share the space, think cozy, not cramped. Enjoy the closeness.

Commune with Nature

Face it, most of the reason you have a cabin in the wilderness is for… well… the wilderness. Get out and enjoy the outdoors. If you wanted to lay in bed and watch Netflix you could do that at home. Get that fishing pole and that walking stick out and spend some time in nature.

Find Storage Spots Everywhere

Any tiny home needs some storage, and storage locations can be creative. Built-ins are great fun. If you are handy, look for niches and spaces that can be used as storage or cabinets. One hallmark of vintage homes is how they would creatively use different spaces to add storage here and there. It’s quirky and fun. If you are less handy, look for furniture that has storage spaces included. Think outside the box and be innovative.

Look for Fun Clothes Storage Options

Your cabin probably doesn’t have a lot of closet space. Think about packing away the seasonal clothes and look for ways to store your clothes that saves space. DIY garment racks might be a nice rustic touch for your cabin.

Consider TruLog™ Steel Lot Siding

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