Tiny Log-Cabin Homes

The tiny house craze has exploded recently.

Perhaps you’ve been hearing about these pint-size homes for some time now, and maybe you fell in love with the concept after seeing one in real life. Whatever your reason for being drawn to these homes, the fact is that tiny houses offer real benefits, which their inhabitants love to expound, such as:

  • Mortgage free
  • Self-sustaining
  • Low to non-existent energy consumption
  • Compact, eco-friendly size

These are very practical benefits for a homeowner. Living without a mortgage payment offers most homeowners significant savings potential. But even with these long-term savings, the upfront cost of a tiny home can be a burden for people trying to buy into the trend.

According to the folks at tinyhousetalk.com, the cost of buying a tiny home varies widely. For all-new materials, a new trailer, and most of the bells and whistles, tinyhousetalk.com says the home is likely to cost between $25,000 and $30,000. You could reduce the cost by using recycled materials, a used trailer, and 100 percent of your own labor and construction.

Tiny Home Meets Tiny Log Cabin

It goes without saying that another allure of tiny homes is how creative you can get with their design. You’ll find that many tiny home owners go to great lengths to customize their dwellings. Due to the cost advantages of such a compact home, you have the opportunity to get the dream home you’ve always wanted, even if what you’ve always longed for is a log cabin of your own.

Many people attracted to the tiny home aesthetic like the look of the cabin-style designs. These cozy tiny cabins can be found in some of the most scenic, rural and mountainous areas in the country, yet still look charming in suburban and urban settings when combined with tasteful landscaping. Log cabins have a very inviting feel to them and often come off with a bit of a “handmade” charm that tiny home aficionados appreciate.

Although a tiny log cabin home is clearly much easier to care for and maintain than a full-sized log home, you still might want to consider the choice of TruLog log steel siding in place of traditional wood.

Why Log Siding Alternative is Ideal

Real timber siding will also be a favored option for those that want the complete log cabin experience, but if you aren’t keen on the high-maintenance and natural vuleneraties of wood, Trulog steel log siding is the perfect alternative.

TruLog siding and tiny homes both have their own advantages, but when combined, are truly a win-win situation. TruLog-clad tiny homes provides practical benefits to homeowners by:

  • Freeing you from the routine maintenance requirements of traditional log siding material
  • Improving your home’s energy efficiency, lowering utility bills and consuming less energy overall
  • Providing a durable, heavy gauge steel that lasts for decades, allowing you to avoid the carbon footprint that comes with building new homes

If you were to side your home with traditional logs or half-logs, you’d be committing to re-sealing, repainting and other upkeep about every 2 to 3 years. Don’t forget that real wood siding is also vulnerable to insects, wildlife, pests, and its number one enemy is moisture. All in all, timber siding is one of, if not the most high-maintenance siding out there.

After completing your new tiny log cabin, the last thing you want to worry about is caring for it. Instead, you can spend this time doing the things you love in a TruLog-sided home that needs no more care than an occasional rinse with a hose or sponge.

If you plan on traveling with your tiny home log cabin, you’ll also have the piece of mind knowing that your home’s exterior is going to remain steadfast and strong, protecting the interior structure during movement.

You also won’t have to worry about moving into a region where wood may not do well. For instance, if you were living in a fairly mild region with few issues of native wood-loving insects, your timber tiny home may have done well. But what if you decide to move to a wet climate or into a new area where you may have to worry about native pests? TruLog eliminates these concerns, giving you valuable piece of mind that you’ll have your tiny log cabin home for many years to come.

Designing Your Own Compact Cabin

Designing your very own tiny home log cabin can be done by purchasing pre-made blueprints, having a builder custom design your cabin, or a combination of pre-made plans and customization. Since a tiny home is such a personalized, intimate dwelling, feel free to even sketch up your own ideas for your builder to consider. TruLog siding is much easier to work with than timber, which means DIY tiny log cabins are a great option for those with some building experience.

TruLog™ steel log siding can be adapted to almost any type of structure and chances are high we can help you side your new tiny log cabin home. Give our helpful team a call at 970-646-4490 to learn more.

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