Three Log Cabin Shows Give Viewers Cabin Fever

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For those of us without first-hand experience of what it’s like to build or re-fashion a log cabin from the ground up, a trio of recent reality-TV shows offer potential homebuyers and fix-‘er-up-ers an in-depth glimpse into log home design seldom seen before.

Charlie Norman Makes Log Cabin Fever

Log Cabin Fever is a fact-based reality-TV series that focuses on one family’s desire to rebuild and fashion custom log cabins in the mountainous regions of Virginia, the Carolinas, and Tennessee.

Charlie Norman, an expert log cabin craftsman and builder, and his crew of four, including his father, experienced mason Charlie Norman Sr., search remote locations in the rural areas of this region to re-purpose wood beams from antique cabins abandoned by their original inhabitants.

The show’s cast of colorful characters tear down mills, churches, barns, and cabins built long ago, salvaging rare beams made from so-called “wormy”  American Chestnut trees decimated by a fungal blight in the early 1900’s. Today, this once-vital staple tree for Appalachian homesteaders is virtually extinct, and the reclaimed lumber Norman finds is particularly valuable (and expensive).

Norman’s efforts to re-build homes and other structures in areas without electricity or modern amenities, along with the group’s can-do attitude, make for an interesting television series that gives viewers a sense of the pride and American history associated with centuries-old log cabin design.

Log Cabin Fever is distributed by Factory Media, a UK-based company that provides a host of web-based programming for a global audience of sports and outdoor enthusiasts, through its online network of 23 websites. Factory recently negotiated with two subscription-based satellite channels to broadcast the show in the coming months.

Heim’s Cabin Fever Comes to National Geographic

In the wake of custom home design shows like the popular Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines on HGTV and Dream House on DIY Network, another log cabin series recently aired on the National Geographic cable channel.

Cabin Fever showcases the efforts of Nate Heim and his company’s crew at Heim Log Homes, as they fashion elaborate log cabin designs that meet the high expectations and lofty bank accounts of clients building dream homes in the wilds of remote locations like Minnesota, Texas, Utah, and others.

In particular, viewers will enjoy the grand scenery surrounding the homes Heim’s crew builds, and the custom design work accomplished with a simple chainsaw and hand-tooled construction.

Great American Country’s Cabin Rescue

Another entry in the log cabin reality TV stable features the work of log cabin engineer Alex Charvat, as part of Great American Country’s show Cabin Rescue. The program airs on satellite networks as part of the same Scripps Network offerings that bring HGTV and DIY Network to millions of viewers nationwide.

In fact, the debut pilot for Cabin Rescue was filmed in Conifer, Colorado, just south of our own Loveland, Colorado offices. In this episode, Charvat restores an original 1870 cabin on a modest budget of $20,000.

The type of craftsmanship displayed in this segment is particularly interesting to us at TruLog, as part of a family-owned business community that appreciates those who rebuild and improve structures in areas close to home. We were very excited to see this show develop for national audiences.

All of these educational and entertaining shows have one thing in common – they demonstrate America’s love for an authentic log cabin look for modern structures. We salute the abilities of these talented craftsmen who carry on the tradition of building both faux and genuine log homes that are unique, historical, and beautiful to look at.

Creating Your Own Custom Log Design

While most homeowners don’t have the resources to build custom log home dwellings like these, you can create a look that’s equally appealing with attractive steel log siding from an experienced provider that offers a maintenance-free, cost-effective alternative to the cost and maintenance required for an authentic log cabin.

Tru-Log’s patented log siding panels create a design that fulfills your dream of owning a log home that’s easy to maintain and helps protect your investment in style. Give us a call or reply online today to schedule a free estimate, and let us help you re-design a custom log home you’re sure to love.

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