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The layout of your cabin is important. After all, you’re spending your time there relaxing and enjoying life– why wouldn’t you want it set out how you like it? The problem is, interior design isn’t one of those things that they cover in home-ec. Many people just don’t know how to set up a log cabin’s floor plan to take advantage of the space.

But don’t worry– TruLog has you covered!

It’s important, if you’re building your cabin from scratch, to consider your priorities. Do you want to have a great view? Then make sure you’ve got a good place to put windows, clear access to the view in question, and space to appreciate it. How about some peace and quiet? Even those cabins near sources of noise like roads and rivers can seem like a perfect getaway if you remember to put the bedrooms on the far side of the building!

A couple of things that can make your log cabin uniquely rustic, is changing it up from your day-to-day domicile. If you’re the sort of person who likes to entertain, consider an open kitchen floor-plan, with lots of access to seating, prep area, and good dinners. If you like novel sleeping areas, you may want to think about adding a loft for a nice, private getaway!

What if you don’t have an eye for design?

That’s all right! There are a lot of different companies out there that offer pre-made log cabin floorplans. You’re not alone in wanting an excellent getaway without having to learn interior architecture. For a couple of good ones, take a look at these beautiful modern designs! You don’t have to settle for a low-slung, dimly-lit cabin with these gorgeous layouts.

If you’re more of a traditionalist, don’t worry! There are plenty of free plans out there to take a look at when you’re planning your cabin. If you want a more back-to-basics approach to luxury, or if you’re just looking to get some inspiration from tried-and-true design, then take a look at these beautiful, traditional log cabin designs! Did we mention that a lot of these plans are free?

Of course, if you build a cabin, you’ll want to keep it safe and sound for years to come. Looking at all of these designs, we’ve noticed one glaring issue: what do you do to protect them from weathering, insects, or rot?

We’ve already done a post on how to care for log cabins. The process involves a lot of cleaning with mild soap, curing the building materials with preservatives, and doing expensive replacements on any compromised logs. Or, if that’s not to your taste, you could always take a look at TruLog’s Steel Log Siding! No matter what the cabin of your dreams looks like, you can always keep it safe for years and years with TruLog’s protection. Contact us today for more information!

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