Things to Do When Stuck Inside Your Log Cabin

Being stuck indoors is hard on your family, regardless of if it’s snow or a pandemic. Fortunately, there are many options to amuse even the most stubborn children. You likely have most of what you need already in your log cabin.

Have a Spa Day

A little pampering is always welcome, regardless of how old your children are. Homemade face masks, body scrub, and more can all be made DIY from your pantry. Plus, you likely have nail polish around your log cabin. This activity will have the whole family destressed.

Create a Family Favorites Book

Since your whole family is around, it’s a great time to make keepsake items. Family favorites books start with people writing down their favorite things. Some books are themed, like recipes, memories, and more so you can truly pick what you want. Others are a hodgepodge of what is important at the moment. Once the writing is complete, you can create a binding from anything ranging from binder clips to an actual binder.

Bake Away

Baking is a special way to reduce stress and have fun, especially with younger children. Spending time gathered in the kitchen is an excellent teaching time without being boring. Plus, it’s tough to be sad when there are fresh cookies around.

Create Your Own Film Festival

Movie night is moving over for this one. Film festivals are organized screenings of more than one film. At actual festivals, film submission and then acceptance are all part of the show. For your log cabin film festival, you have more options. You could do a princess, pirate, or even a superhero theme and arrange films from those categories.

Have a Tea Party

Whether over real or imagined tea, these parties are a great way to connect with your children. Often, you end up seeing a glimpse of their inner world. Don’t worry if your tea party is fancy; the goal is to have fun.

Camp Indoors

While the weather outside may be inhospitable, inside your log cabin is perfectly fine. Rainy days and snowy ones are home to many pillow forts. If you’re feeling venturesome, you can also use these to camp indoors like a family slumber party.

Plan a City

If there’s one thing family members are good at, it’s creativity. One activity you can do to channel that energy is having your family members design cities. Complexity levels with this activity range from describing the city aloud to using various art mediums to represent it.

Imagine Your Next Getaway

While being tucked away is difficult, there’s nothing that says you can’t roam. Within the safety of your log cabin, you have all kinds of materials available you can use to plan your next family vacation. Make sure to take notes of what each family member is most excited for.

Bring Out the Board Games

Your log cabin has a few board games tucked in corners and closets. Now is a fantastic time to bring them out since there’s no limit on how long gameplay can go. Board games are an enjoyable way to involve the whole family.

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