The best stair cases for your cabin

If you are designing your cabin, you may be wondering how best to incorporate stairs. There are lots of creative solutions that differ from just putting a staircase in the middle of your hallway or room – this article will suggest some alternatives that you may have not thought of. 

Blend the stairs with the wall

If you don’t want your stairs to look too obtrusive, you could perhaps make them the same color as the wall behind them. Doing so will mean that the stairs gradually blend in with the wall, so they will disappear slowly as they reach the top. 

Use the space beneath

If you only have a small cabin, you might want to think about how you can use the space beneath the stairs. If you have kids, you could think about transforming the area into a play space, or you could use it as a mini workspace for when you have essential things to get done. Alternatively, save space in your kitchen or bedroom by installing a pantry or closet here. 

Steep stairs

If you are able to get up a steep set of stairs, you could design them like this. Steep stairs, which are a cross between a staircase and a ladder, save on a lot of space, which is always appreciated in a cabin. 

Spiral stairs

Again, modern spiral stairs take up less room than their traditional counterparts, and these could be a good alternative if you are worried about the accessibility of steeper stairs. Spiral stairs often add an air of sophistication to a place, and are fairly easy for professionals to install. 

There are lots of possibilities for stairs in your cabin – these are just a few examples. It’s best to assess what works best for your cabin, depending on the space and your budget – hopefully this list has given you some inspiration!

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