The 13 Best Siding Contractors in Duluth, MN

High-quality home siding that is fit to stand up to weather challenges is absolutely essential in Duluth, Minnesota. Extremely cold temperatures, heavy snowfall, and fluctuating conditions make it  important that siding stays in top-quality condition, so that it can perform its best and keep the home attractive and safe.

Whether you need minor repairs done to the home’s exterior or you’re looking for a complete remodel, these Duluth siding contractors are the best in the business. Each group has a slightly different range of services and expertise, so be sure to consider the unique needs of your project when picking your siding contractor.

1. Miller’s Roofing 

With over 30 years of experience, this family-run business has a wealth of knowledge and expertise concerning exterior renovations and new builds. They also provide construction services to a range of geographical areas, which is great for homeowners working on properties in and around Duluth.

2. Jim Perrault Construction

Licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, the professionals at Jim Perrault Construction provide free quotes and consultations, which can be a great advantage when planning a remodelling project. Since they have experience in a wide range of home improvement services, including siding installation, chimney repair, and insulation, they’re a great resource for getting a professional opinion on exterior renovation plans.

3. Breeze Construction

One of the main benefits of trusting Breeze Construction with your remodeling project is that they offer siding products at many different price points, which is great for Duluth homeowners completing new builds or renovations on a fixed budget.

4. Morin’s Siding & Window Co.

Morin’s offers many great options for boxed steel, smooth steel, and insulated vinyl siding, so homeowners have many styles to choose from. Morin’s also does windows, doors, fascia, and gutters, making them an excellent one-stop shop for exterior renovations.

5. Les Grumdahl

Les Grumdahl specializes in seamless steel siding, which is custom-fitted according to the unique dimensions of your home in Duluth. The advantage to this technique is that the siding is designed to fit your home perfectly, resulting in a smooth appearance without any gaps or visible seams.

6. Sisu Builders

Sisu Builders provides exceptional siding and roofing services, and they can also help Duluth homeowners tackle custom interior projects, too. This group is particularly skilled at advanced woodwork, which is great news for homeowners looking to create and integrate unique wood elements in their home designs.

7. OutLast Construction Roofing & Siding

Sometimes a whole new siding installation isn’t necessary, and there’s nothing worse than a company trying to talk you into a complete renovation when there’s just a small part of the home that calls for repairs. When isolated damage is apparent on the home’s exterior, OutLast Construction can provide exceptional repair services — no matter how big or small the job.

8. Billings Remodeling

Billings Remodeling specializes in cost-effective siding solutions, and they offer a variety of materials to choose from, including vinyl, wood, and steel siding. They also perform siding inspections so that Duluth homeowners can get a better idea of the current state of their siding.

9. Bostad LLC

As a property management group that also provides construction services, Bostad LLC is a great contact to have, especially for real estate professionals who oversee several residential properties in Duluth.

10. Maxey Contracting

For exterior renovation projects that require working with several vendors, Maxey Contracting is a great group to hire. Their services include the renovation of decks, siding, driveways, and roofing, but perhaps their biggest strength is that they emphasize the importance of communication during construction projects and ensure daily check-ins to keep homeowners informed of the progress.

11. Rhino Roofing

Roofing is clearly their specialty, however, Rhino Roofing also provides siding, gutter, and window services, making them an all-around exterior provider that Duluth residents can trust to beautify their home.

12. Anderson Building and Restoration

Fully accredited with the BBB, Anderson Building and Restoration is a top-ranked resource in the Duluth area with consistently great ratings and reviews. They offer a range of services, including siding, for home renovation projects and new builds.

13. All Pro Exteriors

Based locally in Duluth, this group works on both commercial and residential projects, offering complete installation and repair work for building exteriors. Their website also advertises around-the-clock emergency services following severe storm damage.

Choosing a Siding Contractors for Your Next Project

There are many wonderful siding contractors in Duluth, Minnesota, many of which offer a range of services that extends beyond basic siding installation. Next time you need repairs or remodelling, consider one of the siding contractors listed here.

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