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You may have heard a lot about tiny homes lately. Although certainly not taking over the housing market, these environmentally friendly dwellings are enjoying a rise in interest from people looking to purchase a home. But how do you know if you can really handle the reduction in square footage? Most traditional single-family homes are at least a couple thousand square feet. A Wyoming resort can help you decide if the tiny home lifestyle is right for you by giving you a “test drive” of sorts.

Tiny Home Cabins in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole luxury lodging is now available in pint size. Fireside Resort is putting a spin on the typical resort experience by accommodating their guests in 19 different tiny homes. You even have the option of purchasing the same type of tiny home that you stayed in. At 400 square feet, these luxury cabins have lots of windows, resort amenities, fireplaces and furnished decks, as well as a campground atmosphere right outside the door, according to the website of Fireside Resort.

Tiny Homes vs. TruLog Steel Log Siding Cabins

Tiny homes are all about reducing your carbon footprint, minimizing your impact and, for a lot of people, living a simpler kind of life in general. At 400 – 600 square feet, tiny homes run the risk of feeling cramped, which is why the innovative idea behind Fireside Resort is so beneficial. You can test out the small space before you commit.

But if tiny homes are not quite right for you, you can still enjoy some of the same advantages with TruLog™ steel log siding:

  • Charming style. The variety of tiny home designs is staggering. Homeowners design their tiny homes in many different aesthetics, from log cabin to modern. TruLog™ steel log siding allows you to create that same log home style, while also providing the flexibility to complement your natural surroundings with 1 of 4 different natural wood colors.
  • Opportunity to minimize your impact. Our “green” steel log siding is 100 percent recyclable and manufactured right here in the US. The heavy gauge steel and insulating foam backer increases the energy of your home. Plus, the siding can last for decades and possibly generations, eliminating the environmental impact of re-siding multiple times over the years, as is sometimes the case with vinyl siding.
  • More time to do the things that are most important. Regardless of the size of the dwelling, real wood requires a lot of care. As often as every 2 -3 years, wood requires routine maintenance. TruLog™ steel log siding does not. You may want to rinse it if it gets dirty, but there’s no significant upkeep. Just like tiny homes, TruLog™ reduces time spent performing maintenance and increases the time available to do the things that are important to you.

Those are some of the similarities between the two. There are also a lot of differences, including that steel log siding can be easier to transition to, and you most likely won’t face the same kinds of zoning laws and housing regulations that tiny home owners are currently dealing with.

If you are interested in TruLog™ steel log siding and would like a free cost estimate, please contact us online or call us at 970-646-4490. We are located in Loveland, CO, but ship boxed steel siding directly to your construction site in Wyoming or elsewhere in the US.

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