Stunning Log Cabin Exteriors

Log cabins are often the best style of home for outdoor living. Your log cabin is probably tucked on beautiful land, and you want to spend as much time on that land as possible. Your outdoor options are limitless.

Fire Pit

Fires are synonymous with log cabins. Log cabin outdoor space is rarely complete without some form of a fire pit. Those nighttime fires under the stars are something your family will remember for a long time. Between the s’mores and the romantic date nights, the fire pit is a multi-use space for your log cabin.


Outdoor pools are fantastic during the warm months. With a little creative design, a pool can fit perfectly with your log cabin. Generally, using organic shapes and poolside décor helps this feature fit in. Your family will love this way to hang out in nature.


Fireplaces are another unique possibility for your porch, deck, or patio. A gas version can be ready at the flick of a switch for entertaining. Either version of a fireplace provides a remarkable focus for the space. Plus, fireplaces are about as traditional as it gets for log cabins.

Log Cabin Decks

Decks are a great addition to log cabins, particularly multistoried ones. Decks carry through the wood theme, either using the same material or a complementary one. You can also include all sorts of luxurious features, such as built-in barbeques and seating. Once your deck is ready, it’ll be the favorite hangout spot in your home.


Nothing quite says county living like the porch. However, many log cabin designs don’t include large porches. If you’re near natural water, a porch would be the best place to enjoy it. The porch structure provides shade while still allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors, even through the hottest parts of the day. A well-designed porch is a cozy retreat.


Pergolas are an excellent choice for your outdoor space. Pergolas were initially designed to support vine plants growing around them. Then they developed into a lovely addition to your outdoor spaces. Whether you grow things on them or not, pergolas provide an excellent mix of shade and sunlight to enjoy the outdoor space.

Outdoor Adventure Holders

One of the many perks of living in a log cabin is ready access to nature. That means you may have a few vehicles and pieces of gear to enjoy it with. Regardless of whether that’s ATVs, jet skis, hunting gear, or even a boat, these things need a place of their own. Otherwise, the elements will take their toll just like they would on your log cabin.

These additional structures should match your log cabin. You can create them out of the same wood or mimic the general style of your cabin. Even pre-built structures offer your cabin a new and unique form of appeal.

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