What Gauge of Steel Siding is Best for a Residential Home?

For most homeowners, 26-gauge steel siding is the standard choice for adding durable, long-lasting protection on the exterior. But did you know that 26-gauge steel siding isn’t the only steel siding thickness on the market? There are other options available – so it’s good to be informed when purchasing metal siding products for your home.

Steel Siding Brings Big Benefits

Steel siding is an ideal product because it provides superior strength in plenty of beautiful styles. High-quality steel is naturally fire-resistant and tough, making it an ultra-durable siding material that can withstand everyday threats from the environment. Rain, heat, sun exposure, pests – steel siding is equipped to handle all these challenges and more.

Plus, it’s maintenance-free! While other materials like wood and brick tend to require a lot of maintenance, repair and general upkeep, steel maintains its original appearance and strength without much effort at all. Most homeowners are pleasantly surprised at how easy to maintain and attractive steel siding can be. With lots of colors, textures, and styles, it’s a popular, and practical choice.

What Are the Thicknesses of Steel Siding Panels?

Metal siding thickness is assessed in terms of gauge, though the particular material can make a difference in the performance. For example, assessing the thickness of steel versus aluminum won’t always tell the whole picture, since aluminum can dent and scrape more easily than steel with the same gauge.

Likewise, steel siding is often treated with high-tech color applications and corrosion-resistant finishes, which can make it last longer than bare aluminum of the same thickness. While gauge can tell you a little about the metal product, you still need to take the material composition into account.

Steel siding thickness is available in 22, 24, 26 and 29-gauge. Remember, the lower the gauge, the thicker the steel will be. For residential purposes, 26-gauge steel siding is considered the industry standard because it offers enhanced durability and appropriate protection for the home.

When is a Different Steel Siding Thickness Useful?

Although 26-gauge metal siding is considered the standard and most versatile option, there are some situations in which choosing a thicker steel siding may be advantageous. Thicker steel offers a bit more strength and durability in extreme weather situations and may be wise in areas that are prone to frequent hurricanes or blizzards. Thicker steel often comes with a higher price tag and a more laborious installation process.

The architectural style of the home and the desired panel profile can also play a role in determining the right steel siding thickness. Some flush wall panels and wave panel designs are only manufactured in a certain steel siding gauge thickness. In general, 26-gauge steel siding tends to provide the most design choices because it is the go-to thickness. It’s easy to find board and batten, lap, textured styles, and rounded log-style panels in 26-gauge metal siding.

Why is 26-Gauge Metal Siding the Go-To Option?

For most, 26-gauge steel siding is the best choice, because it provides reliable strength yet remains affordable and very easy to install. Thinner steel siding can be a liability for homes, as it isn’t as well equipped to handle severe weather, while thicker steel siding tends to be an unnecessary upgrade for most homeowners.

What Does Steel Siding Look Like?

There are lots of attractive styles available with 26-gauge metal siding, including some that even resemble rounded wood logs and rough-sawn timber. Featuring a detailed wood grain pattern, 26-gauge steel siding provides the authentic, familiar look of wood with the added benefit of a super-strong steel core. It’s a great choice for homeowners who want a traditional look or cabin-style exterior without all the risks that come with natural wood siding, like rotting and chipping.

Beneath the steel core, 26-gauge metal siding features a foam backer that boosts energy efficiency for the home. A corrosion resistant barrier and UV protectant clear coat help steel siding deliver long-lasting quality, even when faced with rainy, humid, snowy, or hot and dry conditions. Color consistency remains an integral part of high-quality 26-gauge steel siding, too, as it is designed to maintain its original appearance without intense maintenance.

Beautiful Steel Siding with the Perfect Gauge Thickness

If you’re looking for high-quality steel siding, TruLog is a leader in terms of great design, affordability, and reliable performance. With plenty of wood-style designs to browse, TruLog makes it easy to get the exceptional durability of steel without giving up the classic wood-inspired look that you love.

Contact the team at TruLog today to explore a wide range of steel siding with the perfect gauge thickness for your home.

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