Steel Siding Colors: The Top Hues for Homeowners with Metal House Siding

Steel Siding Colors

Selecting the right color for your home’s exterior is an important process. Carrying one of the biggest impacts on curb appeal, the color of your home has the ability to greatly affect the overall vibe of the landscape. Considering different steel siding colors can help you choose the perfect hue for your home, so that the tone and style integrate flawlessly with the rest of the exterior décor.

Many home builders are shocked to discover the vast amount of colorations available when browsing through all of the steel siding colors. Whether you’re looking for a modest, subdued tone that will match with a variety of trim or you’re interested in committing to a big, bold statement hue, there are many steel siding colors to check out during the initial home design process.

Steel Siding Color Options

TruLog makes the selection process easier by providing steel siding colors that are categorized into two groups: Premium Colors and Standard Colors. The main difference between these two categories is a variation in luster and tone. In addition, the Premium steel siding colors offer a finer finish that has a sharper appearance, whereas the Standard steel siding colors provide a muted finish that has a smoother appearance.

While both options are unique, the decision of which color to choose truly comes down to a matter of personal preference! With a total of seven distinct colors to consider, it can be advantageous to take a closer look at each of

Premium Metal House Siding Colors

As mentioned, Premium steel siding colors carry an extra impact by offering heightened contrast in the grain and presenting as bigger standout hues. An advantage of choosing a Premium hue is that it makes visual definition easier to accomplish with the overall presentation of your home. By partnering these steel siding colors with distinct trim finishes, such as flat white or jet black, your home can achieve that ‘pop’ of definition that is a standout feature in today’s market.

Barnwood Gray

barnwood gray

This color choice provides a sharp, textured look by pairing a charcoal template against the grain. When paired with the appropriate trim, Barnwood Gray has the ability to pull off a modern rustic feel. Because of its monochromatic palette, an endless amount of contrasting colors are a great match with Barnwood Gray.

Colorado Pine

colorado pine

If you’re looking for steel siding colors that are considered bright and eye-catching, Colorado Pine is definitely a hue to add to your list of options. Remarkably achieving that vibrant hue that is a classic feature of pinewood, Colorado Pine can bring an exciting energy to the home’s exterior.

Red Cedar

red cedar

Sophisticated and rich, Red Cedar is one of the Premium steel siding colors that undeniably carries a classic allure. Fine variation is noticeable upon close inspection, while a deep brown portrays a richness from afar.

Standard Colors

To complement the Premium selection, beautiful choices are presented with the Standard steel siding colors, too. Standard colors excel at providing a more modest, smooth appearance that still expresses all the beauty of a natural wood-inspired aesthetic. Easy to match, these colors are a must-see when exploring all the possibilities of steel siding colors.



Taken from the French word that means ‘sand,’ Sable is a reliable, steady color that pivots between gray and brown. This flexibility truly allows a variety of expression, which is great when choosing to switch up the home’s exterior without necessarily changing the siding. By pairing Sable with unique contrasting colors, homeowners can create a variety of impressions.

Autumn Brown

autumn brown

While Autumn Brown has a fantastic richness to it, the innate brown appearance is lightened by a touch of gray tones, making this another excellent steel siding choice. Crisp white trim is one of the favorites to pair with Autumn Brown siding.

Canyon Red

canyon red

It’s important to remember that not all steel siding colors fall into the classic color choices of brown and gray. Canyon Red is one of those hidden gems that captures the creativity of red tones integrated with steel siding. Bringing a unique visual quality to the exterior, this color selection carries additional warmth and energetic allure.



Standing the test of time, Cedar is by far one of the most popular steel siding colors, because of its intrinsic traditional look. Qualifying as a neutral brown tone that still expresses hints of red and gray, Cedar is one of those classic color choices that will be a timeless winner.

With seven gorgeous steel siding colors to select from, TruLog offers customers an extensive and impressive assortment of hues, making it easy to find an exact match that will suit your dream home perfectly. Personal preference prevails, as all of the color selections from the Premium and Standard choices provide unique personality and beauty. The choice is yours!

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