Steel Siding and Hail Resistance: 3 Reasons to Choose Steel in Hail-Prone Areas

People do not always just choose siding options based on its appearance. The kind of weather that is commonly experienced in a given area has the ability to affect what type of siding they consider for their home. Places like Texas, Illinois, Colorado, South Carolina, and Kansas are just a few of the states that are prone to things like hail storms, which can cause massive amounts of damage to all types of property, including homes.

Here are some of the things to note about steel siding and what it can do for homes prone to hail storms.

What Can Hail do to Siding?

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Hail comes in varying sizes, from as small as a fingernail to as big as a tennis ball, sometimes even bigger. But, no matter how small pieces of hail may see, it all still has the potential to cause severe damage to everything it hits.

Because a home’s siding can come in a variety of different materials, the amount of damage hail can cause will vary. While vinyl siding may be able to handle smaller pieces of hail, if it gets hit too hard, it can dent and even get bent to the point of cracking and breaking. Wood can also become dented by large pieces of hail, and bits of it can even be chipped away over time. In both cases, damage to the siding can be so severe that it needs to be repaired or completely replaced.

Steel siding is a more durable siding option available for homes. Unlike other siding options, like vinyl and wood, steel siding is less prone to getting damaged by bad weather, such as hail storms.

Why Choose Steel Siding in Hail-Prone Areas?

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For those who live in parts of the country where hail storms are frequent, it is crucial to do everything you can to protect your property. While there is insurance to help cover repairs and damage, ideally, you want to avoid any damage in the first place.

One of the easiest ways to avoid damage to your home from hail storms is to choose building materials that will provide added protection. Some of the reasons to consider steel siding in hail-prone areas include:

1. Durability

One of the most significant benefits to steel siding is the durability that it offers. Unlike other siding options, steel siding is resistant to things like chipping, cracking, denting, and warping. Steel siding is also corrosion, heat, and cold resistant, making it one of the most durable siding options on the market. This means there is no need to worry about replacing broken pieces of siding or having to pay for costly repairs.

2. Specially Formulated Paint

While steel siding is durable on its own, the paint that is used to coat it can add another layer of protected from the damaging effects of things like the elements. Companies like TruLog use special paint on their steel siding that is formulated to be long-lasting. This paint is durable enough that it should not flake, peel, or crack, as quickly as standard paint would. Which means that, unlike other types of paint used on siding, it will not need any repainting for many years.

3. Low Maintenance

Because the durability that steel siding offers lends itself to being fairly resistant to all types of damage, there is virtually never a need to replace or repair it, even after a hail storm. This helps to make steel siding a low maintenance siding option that is incredibly easy to care for and maintain. The most that will need to be done to maintain steel siding is to wash it every now and then, which can be done without any extra cost.

Choosing a Steel Siding Option

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There are countless options for steel siding, with a variety of different colors and styles. This means that there are options for every style of home, from modern to rustic.

TruLog’s steel siding is made to resemble real wood log siding but eliminates the high levels of maintenance and cost. No matter what style you are going for with your home’s exterior, there is a steel siding option that can complement it perfectly, while protecting it from the damaging effects of things like hail.

Steel siding is the ideal option for those that live in places where hail storms or other harsh weather situations are common. It is an incredibly durable kind of siding that will be better able to withstand the impact that things like hail can cause, and there will be no worry of siding beach ming damaged or needing replacing. With the wide range of options available, there is also no need to worry about having something unattractive covering your home. Steel siding will protect your home from the hail, while always look aesthetically pleasing.

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