Steel Log Siding: An Easy and Cost-Effective Alternative to Maintaining Rustic Log Cabins and Homes

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There is no denying the charm and the sense of warmth that log cabins and homes hold in a world that is quickly turning to concrete.

While a number of people today prefer more modern brick and mortar dwellings, the owners of timber log cabins and homes will vehemently argue the benefits of owning a home that holds a naturally rustic and romantic appeal and is a eco-friendly alternative to the concrete jungle.

Challenges to Owning a Log Cabin or Home

Whether your log cabin or home is a permanent dwelling or a family vacation home, there are two common challenges that every log home faces – moisture and bugs. More specifically, termites, carpenter bees, and ants can wreak havoc if they are not dealt with in time.

Chances are that like most log cabin and home owners, you carry out a substantial portion of the maintenance work by yourself. If however, you are not a DIY enthusiast, then the other option is to hire someone with the required professional expertise. The issue in both these cases however, is the costs involved as well as the time and effort that goes into the preventive/maintenance work.

Preventive/maintenance work could involve replacing damaged or rotten timber logs, checking for moisture and water seepage, painting work, which probably needs to be done seasonally or every year or two. Again, if you are a DIY enthusiast, then you probably will look at it as a labor of love. However, if budgetary constraints and time pose a challenge, then you should consider using steel log sidings to protect your log cabin against environmental damage and natural limitations of timber logs.

Steel Log Sidings: Low Cost and Maintenance Benefits

Before you decide against using sidings to secure your log home/cabin, consider the following benefits of using steel log sidings.

Natural Appeal: The number one reason why home owners hesitate in using sidings has to do with retaining the natural aesthetic appeal of logs. However, steel log sidings come in a variety of natural hues and shades which means you can easily match them with your natural home décor. TruLog steel long sidings, for example, come in six different colors to suit any log décor.

Cost-effective Protection: The second most important benefit is the cost savings involved. Steel log sidings don’t need heavy and routine maintenance work and they are designed to be highly durable. Furthermore, they offer all-weather protection which means you don’t have to constantly worry about seasonal damage; no re-painting work or re-sealing work is required.

Made from Structurally Strong Material: The material used in steel log sidings is heavy gauge steel which makes them resistant to hail damage and other routine damaging factors that plague timber logs such as insect infestations, water damage, and damage from freeze/thaw cycle, painting issues, as well as cracks and dents.
Rinsing with water is the only upkeep required with steel log sidings which can easily last for decades!

If you are looking for siding material that is sturdy and awesome and can blend in perfectly with your environment, then you might want to consider TruLog steel sidings. Send us an email to or give us a call at 970-646-4490 today!

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