How Steel Log Siding may Improve Home Fire Resistance

In findings released last week, a federal study found that most of the 344 homes destroyed by the Waldo Canyon Fire were ignited by other homes that were already burning, while 48 homes were lit by the wildfire itself. The Waldo Canyon Fire began burning near Colorado Springs in July 2012, and was the most expensive fire in Colorado history, according to FEMA.

A study like this is important to take note of, particularly for those of us who love living in the areas of Colorado known as the wildland urban interface, where nature and development meet. These areas can be some of the most beautiful places in Colorado to put your home, but it’s important to take heed of wildfire mitigation tactics, such as construction with non-flammable steel siding.

Wildfire Mitigation using Nonflammable Construction Materials

Wildfire mitigation of course includes tree thinning and removal of dead plants and other fire fuels. But the materials you use to construct your home and for landscaping are also an important part of being fire wise.

According to a blog written by Christina Randall, Wildfire Mitigation Program Administrator for the Colorado Springs Fire Department, investigators found that over 50 percent of the homes lost in the Waldo Canyon Fire were ignited by embers. The embers traveled by wind and landed on flammable materials, whether those materials were near the home or part of the construction itself. With noncombustible and ignition-resistant building materials and home construction, you can prevent embers and flames themselves from setting your home on fire.

Noncombustible TruLog™ Steel Log Siding

We can’t expect firefighters to save every home, every time, especially when a wildfire is encroaching on a large residential area at the wildland urban interface. It’s vitally important for homeowners to also do their part to protect their homes, and their neighbors’ homes, from destruction by fire. One option is to side your home with steel siding, although siding is just a single component of ignition-resistant home design.

TruLog™ steel log siding is a noncombustible siding option that will resist ignition while replicating the look of log siding. TruLog™ is an American-manufactured siding made of 28-gauge steel. It’s also 100 percent recyclable, highly durable, resistant to hail damage, and covered by warranty.

In a state like Colorado where you can expect wildfires each spring and summer, wildfire mitigation efforts are a must. With TruLog™ steel siding, you can still have all of the lifestyle benefits that come with living in wild places, but better protect your home from the fires that are prone to cropping up in those wild places.

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