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Why Steel Cedar Siding?

When you are deciding on a cedar siding, there are many factors to consider like value, durability, longevity, cost, etc. Do you want real wood cedar siding? Or something that will last longer with no maintenance? How do other cedar siding products stack up against TruLog’s Steel Cedar Siding? Find out below:

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Why Choose TruLog’s Steel Cedar Siding For Your Project?

Steel Cedar Siding Durability
Our cedar siding is made of steel! You read that right, steel cedar siding. The durability of steel but the rustic look of cedar wood, all in one easy to install panel. Our HD Wood Grain Cedar Siding provides the authentic look of wood while giving you the durability of steel. Steel cedar siding can withstand the harsh elements of the sun, wind, and snow without failing and having to be maintained like real cedar wood.

Cedar Siding That Lasts a Long Time
You won’t have to worry about staining, sealing, or painting this cedar siding. All you have to do is wash it down with a garden hose to keep it looking new. Our steel cedar siding comes with a 30-year warranty against cracking, peeling, blistering, fading, and chalking. Steel lasts an incredibly long time, that’s why it’s used heavily in the construction industry.

Superior Value – Steel Cedar Siding
Not only does TruLog’s cedar siding last a long time and is durable, but it is competitively priced compared to the value you get. You aren’t paying a huge price more than real wood cedar siding. Check out our pricing here. With the combination of durability, longevity, rustic wood grain look, and price, you can’t beat TruLogs Steel Cedar Siding.

Great Investment
Like we stated above, you don’t have to maintain our steel cedar siding. You can wash it down with a garden hose to keep it looking new. Real wood cedar siding needs to be maintained to keep it looking new and performing well, otherwise, it will crack, rot, and fade away. The money you save from not having to maintain your cedar siding you can put toward other fun items!

To learn more about our stunning steel cedar siding or to place an order, contact TruLog™ today.

TruLog™ Siding Colors

TruLog™ Steel Log Siding comes in nine unique colors

HD Wood Grain Color

Weathered Gray

HD Wood Grain Color

Ponderosa Pine

HD Wood Grain Color

Western Cedar

HD Wood Grain Color

Dark Walnut

Standard Color


Standard Color

Autumn Brown

Standard Color

Canyon Red

Standard Color


Standard Color
Board & Batten Only

Modern Farmhouse White

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