Start a Cabin Homestead

Cabin Homestead

If you’re interested in becoming more self-sufficient, you could start a cabin homestead. Homesteads vary in size, and you don’t need to operate a fully-functioning farm to begin one. Follow our simple steps, laid out below, to start your own homestead!

Obtain the land

The first step is to obtain the land. Many people own their cabins but not much of their land. If you don’t already own the land around your cabin, find out if you can buy it from the current landowner. They may be happy to sell it to you, especially if they don’t have a cabin in the area.

If you can’t obtain the land, you could look at other cabins for sale that come with land.

Install renewable energy

One of the main features of a homestead is renewable energy. This can help you to be self-sufficient without relying on external sources. One of the most popular types of renewable energy is solar panels which you can install on the roof. Or you could add a small wind turbine to your home.

Create a vegetable patch

The first step to becoming self-sufficient is to install your vegetable patch. This is a simple way to create your own food. Some of the best vegetables to try are zucchinis, potatoes, beetroot, radish, strawberries or raspberries.

Try to use up all of your vegetables in different dishes, starting your journey to full self-sufficiency!

Think about animals

You’ll probably only want to keep animals at your cabin if you live there full time. If you do, chickens are probably the best animals to keep. You can use them for eggs, which is another fantastic addition to your self-sufficient kitchen.

There’s much more that you can do to start your homestead, but these are some fantastic simple steps to help you become self-sufficient!

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