Spring Log Cabin Maintenance

After a long winter, spring is finally coming to your local area. With spring comes a bevy of tasks that winter delayed, including log cabin maintenance. These tasks may not be glamourous, but they’re necessary for keeping your log cabin ready for the elements year after year.

Check the Stains

One of the big things with using logs as exterior walls is the natural absorption of the wood. While your log cabin has been stained, sealed, or otherwise protected, over time, these all fade. If there are any dark spots on the exterior of your log cabin, it’s time to redo the stain. You can also test for these directly with the hosepipe.

If it is time to re-stain your log cabin, begin with a low-setting power washing. This washing will ensure that nothing is underneath the stain once it’s applied. It also helps with stain absorption.

Inspect Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts help protect your log cabin from moisture. Unfortunately, these pieces can break or clog. In the case of a break, water can permeate your log cabin since it’s not moving. In the case of a clog, regardless of if it’s leaves, needles, or something else, water can back up rather than siphoning away. With those spring storms coming, it’s vital to get everything in good shape.

Even if you do not find anything wrong with your gutters and downspouts, check that they are still draining away from your log cabin’s foundation.

Schedule a Chimney Sweep

Since winter is typically fireplace season, spring is a great time to look after your chimney. The buildup in your chimney flue is a fire hazard. If you’re not taking the DIY approach, call your local expert to get on their calendar. Even if you don’t want to do this until the height of summer, you should get on their schedule.

Swap from Heating to Cooling

While spring temperatures fluctuate, it’s still an excellent time to ensure your air conditioning and heating units are in great shape. Before the worst of summer each year, your log cabin’s air conditioner needs a coolant check and a filter swap. Otherwise, the unit won’t be half as useful. You can bundle to check the heater at the same time, just to get it out of the way.

Additionally, spring is the time to press the switch on any ceiling fans in your log cabin. This change will help keep you cool without skyrocketing your energy bills.

Kickstart Your Log Cabin Landscaping

Spring is a fantastic time to get your landscaping in order, so your log cabin looks great all year round. Things like planting flowers and ensuring the watering system works are all good steps to take before the heat of summer. Additionally, consider maintaining any equipment you use on the lawn and garden.

One of the essential maintenance tasks you can do is ensure there are no plants in contact with your log cabin. This vegetation increases the chances your exterior will rot, so trim it back.

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